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your subconscious mind

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Lars Gimstedt, PS therapist, 3 min.
(The video is on YouTube as well.
_ Look at our other videos.)

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___Bonus material, worth more than $100:

_The e-course AOM breathing. Having difficulties winding down?
_______________ Find the ultimate key to instant relaxation.

_______________ Also alleviates sinusitis.
_The e-course Mental Frames. Getting stuck sometimes in negative thoughts?
_______________ Learn to empower yourself by shifting your inner focus.
_Listen for free on-line at Psychosynthesis vizualisations and CST scripts.

_The e-paper Eating Script
_______________Re-program yourself to eat well and feel well.

_Fairy Tale Therapy - Support your child´s psychosocial growth:
_____let him/her listen to old fairy tales, influencing subconsciously.

_Instant bonus: Nature Meditations
_________________Find your inner peace in 5 minutes !

can be your forum for personal and spiritual growth.

Detailed information for each product can be found via the WEB SHOP.

You can also let yourself be led through an interactive guide, that will help you understand which tools are best suited to your needs, on your Path just now:

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