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Phobia - deconditioning of emotionally charged inner images.


Phobia is a learnt and conditioned behavior

A phobia is actually an example of our phenomenal learning capacity - at one "learning session" a life-long "knowledge" is created, by which our sub-conscious knows exactly how to react in a certain situation, or when we meet something specific. And it never forgets to do it...

Inner images trigger body reactions in a subconscious and conditioned way

The phobic reaction is caused by the activation of inner, sub-conscious images. This occurs by a conditioned reflex, inaccessible to our conscious mind and our reason. These images have through the neurological function "somatic markers" been coupled to powerful and negative emotions and to strong impulses to flee.

One or two sessions of phobia treatment is sufficient

Through subconscious re-programming, using a special visualization method the client is led through a series of inner images, that are related to the phobia but that do not expose the client to re-experiencing a phobic situation. This means that the method itself does not trigger a phobic reaction, which actually could reinforce the phobia. When the client has been led through the visualization a number of times, typically five to seven, the emotional charge of the inner images has been reduced, and the client is cured from the phobia.

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