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The course A PS perspective on ACIM

Does A Course in Miracles feel heavy and difficult to follow?
Let yourself be coached in concrete action for finding your Self in God.

Ett PS-perspektiv till EKIM

Coaching group, e-course


Find your Self in God.


A Psychosynthesis Perspective on ACIM

___ is the name of three different things:

The coaching groups are led by me, Lars Gimstedt,
Psychosynthesis Therapist and Life Coach.

For those choosing to buy the e-course only, it is of course possible to
purchase individual coaching over Skype or by visiting the clinic in Linkoping.

A PS Perspective on ACIM is meant to be a support tool for those that have decided
to work with A Course in Miracles, which in itself is a complete and comprehensive
self-study course.

A prerequisite for A PS Perspective on ACIM is that you already have purchased
A Course in Miracles. (You can find it in our Amazon affiliate store under the category Spiritual Development.)

What is A Course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is one of the most renowned and influential books within the area of spiritual development. It is about how we through training can learn to see through our ego-conditioned perception of reality and to attain our natural state of being, unconditional love.

Since the publication of ACIM 1976, today (2013) two million copies have been sold, and it has been translated into 25 foreign languages. Many other translations are in progress.

ACIM presents itself like this:

This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.

The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

Watch a movie about ACIM, "A Course in Miracles Unleashed":
1. Eureka, 2. The Quality of Mercy, 3. Veni Vidi Vici, 4. And Now I Love You.

There are hundreds of courses on ACIM, so why another one ?

Hundreds of books, courses and web sites about ACIM have been published over the years. As ACIM is quite extensive (the three books have in total 1200 pages), and can by many be experienced as difficult, theoretical and philosophical, many of these books and courses are offered in order to help "ACIM students" to understand and be able to practice the message of ACIM.

So why has this course, A PS Perspective on ACIM, been added to the long list of already existing ones?
ACIM A PS Perspective on ACIM has been developed for you who are an "ACIM student", and for you who are also interested in Cognitive Psychosynthesis and other similar modern psychological methods for positive inner change, as affirmation, visualizations, and mental training.

In addition to four sections introducing the view of reality presented in ACIM, A PS Perspective on ACIM also presents all 365 ACIM lessons in text and streaming audio, and after many of the lessons I have commented the lesson from a psychological perspective. There are also many exercises from Cognitive Psychosynthesis, that can enhance and deepen the inner change ACIM strives to accomplish.

In my work as a Psychosynthesis Therapist I often use material from old spiritual traditions and sources, as this has always been a part of the history of Psychosynthesis. I have therefore added material of this kind in many of my comments and clarifications.

Scope and price, coaching group Linkoping, Sweden

Lars Gimstedt

Scope: 10 meetings à 2 hours.

Price: 2500 SEK+VAT per participant.

Coach: Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt.

Place : Torggatan 4, Linkoping, Sweden.

Times : Tuesdays, 4 - 6 PM, once a month.

Number of participants: Minimum 5, maximum 10.

Scope and price, coaching group Zoom Video Conference


Scope: 10 meetings à 2 hours.

Price: 2000 SEK+VAT per participant.

Coach: Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt.

Time : Tuesdays, 4 - 6 PM, once a month.

Number of participants: Minimum 5, maximum 9.

Instructions: Zoom Video Conference.

A PS Perspective on ACIM The e-course

The extensive study material that is used in the coaching group A PS Perspective on ACIM has also been made available as a self-study
, which you can buy here and immediately download after the purchase.

Heal your brother.

The e-course A PS Perspective on ACIM will coach you in your studies of ACIM, which aims at making you aware of what your Higher Self really is, and make you re-establish your oneness with God.

The e-course has 85 sections, 76 of which presents ACIMs 365 lessons in text and streaming audio together with my comments, the "psychological perspective".

The other 9 sections are about the message and the world view of ACIM and include
6 Psychosynthesis Visualizations on mp3 files. You can listen to these streaming
on-line or download them to you computer or mp3 player.

In the course material 10 meditations will also be presented, where you will be asked to reflect on your level of progress in your spiritual awakening, by meditating on an image, and on three short poems.

James Twyman has composed a song for each lesson, and YouTube links to these have been included in this course, at each lesson.

Click on the video to the left, to listen to one of James' other songs.

Many of the lessons of ACIM have also been used by Alisa Amor as the lyrics for the music album "In Every Heartbeat".

You can listen on-line to these songs in connection to a number of the lessons. You can also buy or download the CD from Amazon.

Click on the video here to the left, to listen to a sample.

Watch a short video about the e-course A PS Perspective on ACIM:

PS Therapist Lars Gimstedt, 7 min
(The video is on YouTube as well. Look at our other videos.)

A PS Persp on ACIM

Look at an excerpt of the course!
__ (The first section of 85.)

Price $ 45
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After purchase, you will immediately come to the on-line e-course. Save the page as a bookmark. You will also get an
e-mail with a link to the course.

You can get personal coaching through the course, via e-mail, video sessions or by visiting us in Linkoping, Sweden. Contact us via phone or e-mail.

Choose again

ACIM speaks repeatedly of the Choice, the choice between letting fear reign or letting love reign. The choice between ego-thoughts and "True Thinking", or "Right-mindedness". ACIM came about as a book from such a choice, when Helen Schucman, the scribe, exclaimed to her colleague Bill Thetford, as a reaction of frustration over work place conflicts that had become entrenched, "There must be another way!" and both of them answered with choosing to try to see the situation in a new way.

The board game Miracle Choice focuses on this Choice - watch a video about the philosophy around this:

About the philosophy around The Choice, 10 minutes.
(Right-click here to down-load the video,
right-click here to down-load a pdf print-out,)

Read the book I, Yeshua. Awakener by Lars Gimstedt.

The book is a fiction novel about the Jesus that comes forth in ACIM, the real person.

The book is an attempt to show how His Gospel could have looked like, and it is based on the message of ACIM as well as on modern historical research about the time era of Jesus.

The Biblical gospels are symbolic narratives, where focus was to prove how the prophecies about the Messiah became fulfilled, not to recount what really happened.

I, Yeshua.

Read also the thrilling science fiction book

STAIRWAY: 10 Steps to Heaven.

by Lars Gimstedt.

An adventure story about the square-headed engineer John Zacharias, how he was provoked into reading ACIM, and about his spiritual journey towards enlightenment.



A Course To Miracles :

Read about how the message of ACIM can been brought down to to earth.

This book is a joint venture and is a collection of short stories from different "students of A Course in Miracles".

The stories show what can happen when you start to use ACIM, instead of only reading, focusing on the theory, discussing, and so on.

When you realize that you cannot judge things correctly, and when you surrender all your decisions to The Holy Spirit, you are on a course to miracles.

A Course To Miracles

Get inspired by this book and invite miracles into your life!

Read more, read a sample, contribute and get the book for free!

(For those who have bought the e-course A PS Perspective on ACIM,
the e-book version of A Course To Miracles is available for free.)

Jesus on Catching the Bull.

A dialogue with Jesus around the ancient Buddhistic images "The Bull and His Herdsman", and on how to find one's True Self.


Jesus on Catching the Bull.

says, in the part Manual for Teachers:

"This is a manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a special form of the universal course. There are many thousands of other forms, all with the same outcome. They merely save time." (M1.4)

Eckard Tolle, in his teachings, also offers "a special curriculum", which works well as a complement to ACIM. Watch for example this video:

Another "special curriculum", that I personally believe originates from the same Source as ACIM,
is A Course of Love.

The version shown here is a combined volume of the three books A Course of Love, The Treaties of A Course of Love and The Dialogues of A Course of Love.

Watch a YouTube video of and about Mari Perron, the scribe of ACOL.

As I believe that ACOL is in fact a sequel to ACIM,
I have quoted ACOL here and there in the course
A PS Perspective on ACIM.

At the end of the course there is a long list of ACIM resources, as books and web sites.

Product Tree

An example of a web site, one offering a social network, is Miracle Share.

For our other courses and products, look at our "Product Tree" - click on the image to the left.


Customer feed-back:


Thank you so much for your online course.

I am a student of ACIM and have been involved with the course for many years. I also have a diploma in Psychosynthesis.
Over time I have incorporated both when leading groups.
But, in the last four years I haven't found the time to experience my deep connection with both, and by enrolling in your on line course I already found the first visualization extremely beneficial. Looking forward to more insightful journeys.

Thank you Dawn (Australia)