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The course My Mission

Lost your direction in life?
Doubts about the meaning of what you are doing?

Min Inre Kompass

The course and the e-course


Clarify and formulate
your Personal Mission,
as an inner compass
towards your Life Goals.


In the course MY MISSION you will via different exercises
(meditations, visualizations, goal image training) and in dialogue with the group
be coached to an increased consciousness about your Path.

The concrete goal of the course is to coach you in formulating
your Personal Mission and your Vision.

The ultimate goal of

the course is for you to

find your PASSION!



The base of this course is the belief that we are spiritual beings, and that our lives are parts of a larger scheme. In this scheme we all have, each one of us, a Personal Path.

In the course you will be coached in exploring yourself, your dreams and ambitions, and to formulate your Vision Description.


You will, with your Vision as the starting point, be invited to formulate a Mission Statement that is in correspondence with your highest dreams and your inner driving forces.

When this is well stated and anchored in yourself, it will in each phase of your life help you to hold your focus and to direct your energy to where it is needed.

Scope and price, coaching group Linkoping, Sweden

Lars Gimstedt

Scope: 8 meetings à 3 hours.

Price: 5000 SEK+VAT per participant.

Coach: Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt.

Time : Wednesdays, 3 - 8 PM, every second week.

Place : Torggatan 4, Linkoping, Sweden.

Number of participants: Minimum 4, maximum 10.

Scope and price, coaching group Zoom Video Conference


Scope: 8 meetings à 3 hours.

Price: 4000 SEK+VAT per participant.

Coach: Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt.

Time : Wednesdays, 3 - 6 PM, every second week.

Number of participants: Minimum 4, maximum 9.

Instructions: Zoom Video Conference.

Min Inre KompassThe e-course MY MISSION

The comprehensive study material of the course MY MISSION has also been made available as a self-study course, an e-course, possible to buy here and which is immediately downloadable after purchase.

The e-course My Mission will lead you step by step through an inner process for making you aware of what your Higher Self want for you and for your life.

The e-course has eleven major sections, containing text, down-loadable e-books and 17 visualizations on audio mp3 files for listening streaming on-line or after download.

Watch a short video about the e-course MY MISSION:


PS Therapist Lars Gimstedt, 17 min
(The video is on YouTube as well. Look at our other videos.)


Look at an excerpt of the course!
__ (The first two sections of eleven.)

Price $ 100
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After purchase, you will immediately come to the on-line e-course. Save the page as a bookmark. You will also get an e-mail with a link to the course.

You can get personal coaching through the course, via e-mail, video sessions or by visiting us in Linkoping, Sweden. Contact us via phone or e-mail.

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Customer feed-back:


I have begun diving into the course. Letting the Introduction take it’s time. I experience the course as very well structured, pedagogic and thorough. I feel that everything is brought onboard! And that also makes me turn everything around. All dark crevasses are searched through.

I sometimes amuse myself by composing poems (when inspiration comes). “My Mission” gave the other day birth to this piece:

It takes a lifetime to
reach your aha-moment.
All your life you´re chasing the peak, 
not knowing you are actually
pushing it in front of you.
Very close and yet not touchable, 
until that day, when you finally accept 
that you will not catch up with it – then!

Charlotte, Sweden

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