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ETT - Eliminate the Time Thieves

Overworked, lack of time,
your head full with everything
you have to remember?

Learn how to do more using less energy:

Also as e-book

The course ETT -

Eliminate the Time Thieves

Inefficiency leads to stress


We often try to handle stress in our work by learning "stress coping", and there are many courses available in this field.

Many of these are useful and necessary.

But, they often miss one important factor: lowering the stress level by working more efficiently, to increase one´s personal efficiency.

Work smarter

With personal efficiency we do not mean just working faster, or more aggressively. Our personal efficiency is often lowered, often without our noticing, by different "time thieves". These arise usually around such things as prioritizing, planning, task handling, unscheduled telephone calls, meetings, not being able to relax after work.

The ETT course focuses on these time thieves, and in the course a number of concrete solutions are presented and discussed. These aim at decreasing or even eliminating typical time thieves.

Newspaper clip Dec 16 2012 from Corren, Sweden:

Important to train focusing

Doing too many things at the same time has a negative impact on work efficiency, accor-ding to a research team at Stanford University. People prone to "multitasking" are less efficient, have lower ability to focus and have lower performance, compared to those that focus on one thing at a time. Your efficiency may be lowered as much as 50% if you keep switching between different activities, according to the scientists.
This way of working is furthermore strongly habit-forming, the more we use it, so it is vital to train doing one thing at a time.

"Just enough" stress

Follow-ups of a number of participants of the ETT course have shown that for many these is no additional need for learning stress coping abilities. The former negative stress has changed to "positive stress", i.e. the "just enough" stress we need for our work to feel challenging and make us develop professionally.


The ETT course is tailored to each customer´s individual needs, but consists normally of a lecture for the whole work group, 3 hours, max 50 participants, plus two discussion meetings, 2 hours, max 10 participants. How many lectures and discussion meetings are needed depends on the total number of participants.

Price: 6000 SEK + VAT per lecture, 4000 SEK + VAT per discussion meeting.

Look at a video presentation on ETT:

Psychosynthesis coach Lars Gimstedt, 13 minutes.
(The video is on YouTube as well.
Look at our other videos.)


ETT is also available
as an e-book :


The e-book mini-course can naturally not be specially designed to oganisation or the individual persons, as the course described above is, but it can never the less be sufficient for you, in creating new strategies for yourself in becoming more focused and thereby more efficient in your work.


If you feel attracted by this sign, you may benefit from the course Eliminate the Time Thieves.

If not, but the sign applies to your workplace, maybe a tip to your boss would be good.



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