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Psychosynthesis Visualizations

Are you limiting yourself with a pessimistic view on life?___ Video
Empower yourself by implanting positive inner images.


Assagiolis Ägg

This page contains descriptions of
Psychosynthesis Visualizations
(Guided Imagery), which you
can buy and download.

The founder of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, put a large emphasis on how we are influenced by our inner images, in both in positive and negative ways. He developed a large number of visualizations (guided imagery), with which the negative and limiting inner images can be transformed into liberating and strengthening inner images.

Quotes from Roberto Assagioli, on inner images:

"The imagination, in the precise sense of the function of evoking and
creating images, is one of the most important and spontaneously active functions of the human psyche, both in its conscious and in its unconscious aspects of level."

"Every image has in itself a motor-drive."

"Images and mental pictures tend to produce the physical conditions and the external acts corresponding to them."

(Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, 1965.)
Since Assagioli´s days psychosynthesis therapists have developed other visualizations and further developed old ones.

Here in the PsykosyntesForum web site a number of visualizations have been made available for free listening over the internet (newsletter subscribers) and available for purchase and download.

When visualization techniques are used in coaching or therapy, the inner imagery is a result of the coaching / therapeutic dialogue.

The visualizations that have been selected here to be available over the net are those that are more general, that focus on different basic and often recurring life challenges, and that work well also when done by oneself.

The visualizations are presented here below, and also in the video here above.
Psychosynthesis Therapist Lars Gimstedt, 12 min.
(The video is on YouTube as well. Look at our other videos.)


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This package contains all the main Psychosynthesis Visualizations.
Read about them below in the descriptions of each one.
You can also buy and download them separately below.


The written scripts for the visualizations are included in this package. They are the original instructions for therapists, and are not exact verbatims, and they include therapeutic intructions.

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Before you start reading about all the visualizations below, take a short brake and find your inner peace with the help of one of our Nature Meditations.

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Seeing your life in a new perspective.
A visualization that will help you to see yourself and your life in a new perspective.

Price $ 3,50
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Finding an inner position where you may look at yourself in a clearer way, being able to make decisions that may be necessary on a deeper level.
Finding the resources you need in a situation that maybe is colored by confusion, fears, frustration.
Mp3, 18 Mb, 20 minutes.


Understanding your partner.

This exercise will help you to explore and to develop your relation, by making you train your empathy and your creative imagination.

Price $ 6,50
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Each time you do this exercise, your knowledge of your partner will increase. The exercise is available in four different versions, depending on whether you, who are doing the exercise, are a man or a woman, and depending of the gender of your partner. The version here to the right is for a man whose partner is a woman. For other versions, see the page Relationship Coaching.
Mp3 file, 15 Mb, 11 minutes.

The Boat

Taking control of your life.

When life feels chaotic, out of your control, when you feel that you are not in charge of what is happening,

Price $ 3,50
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and that you are in the mercy of fear, confusion, powerlessness - then this exercise can help you to find your inner resources. Resources you need to regain control over your life, reach "steerage-way" again...
Mp3 file, 13 Mb, 12 minutes.

Investigating the balance between Love and Will.
This exercise helps you to investigate your inner resources for giving and receiving love,

Price $ 3,50
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and your capability to express your will, to affirm yourself and to set your borders. It will give you insight about which inner resources and capabilities you maybe should develop. After having done this exercise for the first time, you can if you want make two drawings: one of your Chalice, one of your Sword. After a time, when you feel that you have developed new capabilities, make two new drawings. Observe the differences between these and the two first ones.
Mp3, 15 Mb, 17 minutes.
The Church

Preparing your Path.

In this exercise you will create powerful inner symbols, that will help you to become conscious of and to start traveling on your own Path.

Price $ 3,50
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You will know that you are on your Path, when you feel that what you are doing in life is meaningful, and that it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction, gives a sense of "the Flow".
Mp3, 15 Mb, 13 minutes.
The Cocoon

Activating an inner transformation.

The exercise will help you to activate an inner process in a stage of your life

Price $ 3,50
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where something needs to change, to be transformed and shed an old skin. It will help you to become aware of where you are now, and that you may need to be somewhere else or to do something else (factually and/or emotionally).
Mp3, 15 Mb, 16 minutes.
The Encounter

THE ENCOUNTER. Meeting yourself.
In this visualization you will meet yourself in a new, maybe a bit surprising, way.

Price $ 3,50
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An encounter that on a deeper level may give you something you have lost, and may give you something new, pointing to your future.
Mp3, 15 Mb, 16 minutes.

The Garden

Creating a peaceful inner space.

Here you are led into your own little cloister garden, which you have neglected for a long time...

Price $ 3,50
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You make it neat and proper again, you prepare the soil and you sow. By an inner focus, a clear inner goal, and by disciplined work, you will finally create a space of inner calm and stillness.
Mp3, 15 Mb, 16 minutes.

Being seen and being blessed.

A visualization where your Inner Child will receive a gift. A Gift that has been given forward from generation to generation.

Price $ 7PayPal
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The visualization is based on the Christian Blessing, which here may take on a new, and deeper, meaning for you.
Mp3, 35 Mb, 30 minutes.
The Goal

Overcoming resistance and critique.

This exercise will help you to create an inner symbol for the goal you just now in your life are reaching for.

Price $ 3,50
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A goal that feels important, but where you feel that there is resistance, maybe from within but also from without, where you feel that others try to stop you, persuade you to do something else, maybe are criticizing you or even are intimidating you. In the visualization you will get into contact with the inner resources you need for overcoming these obstacles. Mp3, 15 Mb, 17 minutes.
The House

Finding an inner, protected Peace.

This visualization can be utilized, after you have done it a couple of times,

Price $ 3,50
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whenever you need to center and to find your inner peace. When you need to get into contact with your inner resources needed for protecting your integrity and for being able to look at life with a sense of perspective and proper proportions.
Mp3, 13 Mb, 15 minutes.
The Road

Looking at Now, Then, Where to

A symbolic visualization of your Life Path.

Price $ 3,50
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Where you are, where you were before (in a physical sense, but primarily in a emotional sense), where you want to go. The exercise will help you to become conscious of the different aspects of your Life Path and will help you to go in the direction you want to go. Mp3, 12 Mb, 14 minutes.
The Temple

Finding a source
of inner peace.

In this visualization you are invited to create a symbol for you innermost Holy Space,

Price $ 3,50
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where you can open up to your higher Self and come into contact with the inner peace that resides in your deepest level of existence. After the first time you do this exercise, try to psychically create or purchase the Gift, and then keep it always with you, as an anchor for your inner peace. Mp3, 17 Mb, 18 minutes.
The Water-Lily

Supporting your inner growth.

This visualization will help you to activate your chakra centers,

Price $ 3,50
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opening them up and letting them support your inner growth to your highest potential. The exercise will let you experience your own unique I and that you are part of Life, that you belong to a larger whole.
Mp3, 16 Mb, 14 minutes.
Självhypnos You can also order individually designed programs on mp3 file or audio CD, based on self-hypnosis and stimulation of meditative brain waves, with Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment, BWE.
Listen on a standard product in this format by clicking on the button up to the right.
This program, Selfhypnosis, is an example on how a tailor-made program may be designed.
Mp3, 55 Mb, 40 minutes.

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Customer feed-back:


I really liked the visualizations, especially the goal and the boat! It was really helpful for me in certain realllife situations as a guiding light.

For example: Visualizing things that prevent me from achieving my goals can me more efficient that just visualizing the positive results of a goal. This mental contrast between the outcome of a goal and the obstacles on the way of a achieving a goal is guided in 'The Goal'. I can recommend the service here.

Ivan, Germany

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