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OVERWEIGHT – finding optimal weight and keeping it.

Been on a diet many times, and then
just returned to your old weight again?

Re-program your subconscious mind, letting your body
automatically tell you how you shall eat.
Eat and feel well!




Overweight represents an increasing
___ health threat world-wide,

and it is creeping down in age. Common methods for weight reduction are slimming cures, dieting / nutrition knowledge, physical activity, either by oneself or as group activities.

These methods are are good, if they are followed, but in many cases there is although a tendency to fall back to one's old eating patterns, resulting in a return to the old overweight or even more. Modern research has furthermore proven that increased physical activity, even if it increases the general well-being and the agility, not in itself reduces the body weight - the eating patterns dominate completely.

The prime cause for the falling back to old habits are sub-conscious "eating scripts", sub-consciously controlled behaviors that both are difficult to become aware of and to change. An over long time established self-image as a fat person also contributes in a negative way. Buy the e-book


Re-programming of the eating behavior

We use methods from Cognitive Script Therapy, that actually change the inner eating scripts. These changes can be the necessary complement to the other "common" methods of weight control, such that the weight not only is reduced, but that a desired optimal weight is kept, life long.

These methods include re-programming of hidden inner motifs, training and conditioning of new and better eating scripts, sub-conscious re-programming of a negative self-image. The treatment is usually done with the client in a state of deep relaxation, and thereby more directly affect the sub-conscious patterns, than what is possible by using the conscious mind only.


Self-help programs at PsykosyntesForum

An individually adapted self-training program on mp3 or audio CD can be ordered.
It is designed after your personal situation via a couple of sessions, and is based on
Self Hypnosis and Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment.

PsykosyntesForum also sells self-hypnosis programs from other providers. Go to the bottom of this page for information on this.

Re-programming of the Eating Script.

The first step in each treatment program at PsykosyntesForum, for reaching one's ideal weight is always re-programming of the inner subconscious Eating Script, which is the primary factor behind a person's eating habits.

We have sometimes found that this step has been sufficient by itself, and further treatment has then not been needed. Of this reason we have developed a written instruction, where you can by yourself perform this re-programming:

Stop dieting


Been on a diet many times,
and then just returned to your
old weight again?

Re-program your subconscious mind,
letting your body automatically tell you
how you shall eat.
Eat and feel well!

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E-paper in pdf format,
5 pages.

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Ideal Weight
Lars Gimstedt

A short YouTube video, 1 min:

After having led a number of clients through the process of re-programming their subconscious Eating Script, I discovered that I had begun to change my own eating habits, even though I myself never had had any problems keeping my ideal weight.

I found that I subconsciously skipped eating a number of things that I earlier sometimes had felt a craving for, like potato chips, soft drinks and sweets. I also found that I had started to eat more fruit and vegetables, more GI food (slow carbon hydrates leveling out the blood glucose level), and less food containing white flour, sugar and/or fat.

So, don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity of the Eating Script instruction - despite being short and concise, it seems to lead to a profound and permanent inner change.

Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis Therapist.

PsykosyntesForum also sells weight reduction self-hypnosis programs from other providers: Hypnoshop, Hypnosis Downloads , Hypnosis Network.
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There are millions of different diets
that experts and companies promote,
but here is one that we at
PsykosyntesForum knows works
(as I, Lars Gimstedt, have been using it for a long time now),
and it does not ask for sacrifices:

THE 5-2 DIET. Buy Dr Michael Mosleys book The Fast Diet
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Watch the video above, search YouTube for "5 2 diet", buy the book,
and judge for yourself!

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