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PSYKOSYNC - Self-hypnosis on mp3 or CD

Hypnosis – eerie, strange, unpredictable?

Learn self-hypnosis, an easy, predictable and
powerful tool for self-growth.

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What is self-hypnosis?

In coaching or therapy at PsykosyntesForum we often use methods for working directly on a subconscious level. It can be inner visualizations, subconscious reprogramming, methods from CST (Cognitive Script Therapy), inner explorations along the Life Track or inner meditative processes. These methods have in common that they bring the client down into a state of deep relaxation.

Each time a client is involved in such an exercise, the client will train putting him/herself in this state of deep relaxation, and the instructions from the coach/therapist will become decreasingly necessary. This ability often develops to a level, where the inner state deepens from relaxation to actual trance, and is then called self-hypnosis.


Self-hypnosis on mp3 or CD

The coaching or the therapy at PsykosyntesForum leads in many cases into offering the client a recording on mp3 audio file or on audio CD of those exercises, that have resulted in concrete, positive and lasting change.


If you have something specific that you want to change in yourself, you can also directly order an individually designed self-hypnosis training program on mp3 file or CD.
Examples of areas: insomnia, quit smoking, self esteem, social phobia, stuttering, weight control.

The design of your Psykosync program is done during two one-hour sessions. Depending of the area of change one or more sessions may have to be added. The sessions can be in our office, over Skype, or via web coaching.

Listen and relax
After this the Psykosync mp3 file or CD is produced in a sound lab, which takes approximately two hours. Relaxing background music is added, in accordance to the client's requests. A subliminal audio background for stimulation of the meditative brain waves is also added (BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment).

The price
for the Psykosync mp3/CD is thus equal to the price of four coaching/therapy sessions, plus the cost for additional sessions, if needed. Order with the on-line payment function.
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E-course in self hypnosis

This is a generalized self hypnosis session, where you before the session define which positive changes you want to do in yourself.

Watch a short video clip, 1 min:

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Read more on the page about CST, Cognitive Script Therapy.

Listen for free at an example of a self hypnosis training mp3, or buy and download, by clicking here:

Listen :

Mp3, 55 Mb, 40 minutes.

Price $ 13
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Subconscious change

In the beginning of the self-hypnosis training one usually listens consciously, but for each time one then listens, one will listen more and more "inattentively", and one will ultimately find oneself occasionally drifting away in a state of deep relaxation.
It may sound as if this would decrease the positive effect of the training, but documented experience actually shows the opposite: the more the content of the program passes by conscious levels directly down into subconscious levels, the more effective the training is. It can have a positive effect even if one falls asleep during listening.

Updating of the training program

The master copy of the program is stored at PsykosyntesForum and additions / changes can be ordered afterwards. For example, one may have chosen to focus on certain aspects of an inner change in the first version. After a while, when inner change has started to happen, one may want to focus more on another aspect.
It is then not necessary to order a completely new program, as the old one can be used after required modifications, and a new mp3 file or a new CD can be delivered to a cost equivalent to the additional work.

Stimulation of the brain waves

On an audial level well below the actual training program content, a subliminal sound background is added. This sound background is based on Binaural Brainwave Entrainment (BWE), which have been shown to influence the brain waves toward meditative inner states.
The design of the binaural background is dependent on the area of change and which inner state is judged to be beneficial.
The brain waves have different frequencies, depending on the inner state:

Beta, 12-38 hz, active in our normal state, being awake and present.
Alpha, 8-12 hz, is when one is awake but relaxed, low information processing.
Theta, 3-8 hz, corresponds to light sleep, deep relaxation, or meditation.
Delta, 0,2-3 hz, is active in deep sleep or in deep hypnosis.

Ready-made self-hypnosis programs

In the webshop there are many ready-made
self-hypnosis programs.

Programs for meditation supported by Brainwave Entrainment BWE are also available in the webshop,
under the category Meditation.

On the page Psychosynthesis Visualizations there are also a number of short programs that are aimed at subconscious work in a state of deep relaxation.

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