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Allergy always has a physiological/medical cause

Allergi Allergy has always a physiological / body chemical source. Foreign microscopic particles enter our body and activate our immune system, causing different symptoms like swollen mucous membranes, skin rash, inflammation. When this occurs with a substance that does not expose the body for any threat, we call the reaction allergy.
The treatment also
available as an e-course:

The immune system also activates with a psychological conditioning,

which has the positive function of speeding the immune system up. In connection with allergies this conditioning can over time dominate over the physiological triggering, and can even over time become the only triggering factor.

This negative conditioning can be alleviated with
cognitive script therapy

The methods used are partly based on the exploration of "secondary gains", i.e. the allergy can be a subconscious strategy solving a completely separate problem in life. Other methods used are specially designed visualizations, where powerful positive inner images are built up, that make the subconscious react in a new and better way to the substance causing the allergic reactions.

Self-training program on mp3 or audio-CD

The treatment is often finalized with the production of an individually adapted self-training program, which is based on Cognitive Script Therapy, Self-Hypnosis and Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment. In the self-training program those methods are included, that during the treatment have proven effective in alleviating the allergic reactions in the client.


E-course for
re-programming yourself

Through buying our e-course REPROGRAM YOUR ALLERGY you can do the
de-conditioning by yourself. If your allergy is very specific, and has clear external causes, this e-course can be as efficient as an individually designed treatment.

In the course you will learn how to use a method for creating powerful inner images, that will re-program your subconscious mind, so that it will eliminate the conditioned allergy reflex of your immune system.

If you are among the multitude of allergics, where the conditioned allergy reflex has been a dominating factor, it will be highly probable that your allergy will immediately decrease, or even disappear completely.

Look at a short YouTube video:

The e-course consists of text material supported by 30 minutes audial version on three mp3 files, and of one selfhypnosis session of 40 minutes on mp3.

The selfhypnosis session also has BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.
The course can be read and listened to on-line and/or can be downloaded.


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