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PsykosyntesForum has a broad spectrum of services and products,
in the following categories :


, personal coach  (leadership, career, creativity, life issues).

Personal development with psychosynthesis and cognitive script therapy.

Coaching for couples.
___ Communication, negotiation skills, relationship analysis, etc.
___ (Our coaches speak English fluently.)

Personality typology,
___ Elementity, used in coaching for individuals and groups.
___ In the webshop an Elementity personality test is available on-line.

Courses for personal and spiritual development.

Psychosync: individually designed self hypnosis training programs
___ on mp3 file or audio CD. With Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.

Video coaching via secure on-line-video. See at the bottom of this page.

Get even more information about our coaching programs at
Life Leadership Coaching, our other company, which is entirely focused on life-, leadership and team coaching ->


Consulting assignments within Human Resources Management and
___ psychosocial work environment.

Management support
___ Support to all types of professionals working with people.

Organization development , rating and compensation systems.

Personnel development, setting up of systems for development dialogues
___ and personal development plans.

Courses in communication and co-operation,
___ in personality types - Elementity,
___ in strategies for keeping focus and being efficient -
___ ETT- Eliminate Time Thieves

Team building, team role assessment, Elementity assessment.
___ The Elementity test can be purchased for a whole group,
___ with delivery to individual email addresses.

Lectures and seminars, designed to customer needs.



Individual therapy
and coaching for couples,
___ based on psychosynthesis and cognitive script therapy (minimum age 18).

De-conditioning of phobias , stuttering allergy , overweight , smoking.
___ Re-programming of negative ways of acting (minimum age 18).

Bio-feedback techniques
___ for relaxation, meditation, stress coping, anxiety, fluent speech, etc.

Psychosync: individually designed self hypnosis training programs on
___ mp3 file or audio CD. With Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.

Instruction and training in memory techniques,
___ for example in alleviating dyslexia.

Neurotherapy for trauma treatment with the EMI method,
___ Eye Movement Integration. (Minimum age 18).

Video therapy via secure on-line-video. See at the bottom of this page.



for therapists within psychosynthesis therapy and
___ cognitive script therapy.

Management support,
___ support to all types of professionals working with people.

Supervision groups. (Maximum 4 participants.)

Courses in psychosynthesis and Cognitive Script Therapy.



The web shop
contains many different products, where some are described here below. In order to look at all the products, and to read more about each product, go to the web shop.

Audio files with psychosynthesis visualizations, scripts based on CST,
___ Cognitive Script Therapy, Self-hypnosis scripts and relaxation exercises.

Bio-feedback training programs.


Fairy Tale Therapy. You as a parent can support your child on a
___ subconscious level to develop into a stable and self-sufficient person.

Meditation neuro-audial tool.

Personality test.

Self-hypnosis audio files, and much more.

You can let yourself be led through an interactive guide, that will help you understand which tools are best suited to your needs, on your Path just now:

Where are you on your Path?

The webshop is continually updated with new products,
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Enjoy buying products that will improve yourself and the World,
and furthermore being able to do this with zero carbon dioxide emissions!
(Most of the products are downloadables - no material, no transports.)

Product Tree

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In addition to on-line payment in the webshop you can also
pay on-line with PayPal for coaching and therapy,
or you can order and pay individually designed products.
You can of course also make payment via bank transfer or via invoice.

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Coaching / therapy via secure video call:

Open an account on Zoom, prepay with the button above,
book sessions via telephone / mail, wait for our call