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Hantera Kritik

Do you get stuck when criticized?

Re-program your subconscious mind so that
you can respond to criticism in a constructive way.

Learn also how to criticize so that the other person
feels OK, listens and responds constructively.

The e-course

Continuation course to GET UNSTUCK.
Possible to buy at the end of this course.

A lot of people find it difficult to criticize others

As a consequence, they wait with expressing their criticism
and just accumulate their growing irritation inside. Finally they
can not contain this any longer, and they express their criticism
in an aggressive, agitated and/or unbalanced way.

If they in addition to this maybe have misunderstood something
you have said or done, the criticism may feel unfair, exaggerated or even completely incomprehensible.
The criticism can also bedisguised as friendly advice, but there is an accusing undertone...

Criticism of this kind can usually get anybody to become
defensive, or to feel offended. In many cases, one becomes
emotionally blocked, reacting automatically, by becoming struck
dumb and looking guilty, or by immediately counterattacking
and thereby creating a conflict.


Do you recognize yourself in any of this? Or is it even so that you find it hard to be
exposed to criticism all together, even when it is OK? Or i may be different with
different persons - with some it is OK, with others it always goes wrong.

Be as it may with this, you would benefit from always being able to meet with criticism
in a good way, where you yourself can keep calm, and where you have a calming
influence on the situation.

The first step for you in developing such an ability, is to make yourself aware of your
subconscious, automatic, reaction pattern which sometimes is the result of being
exposed to criticism. This reaction pattern is often characterized by being an emotional
- before you have been able to think clearly, a strong emotion erupts: you
feel offended, or intimidated, or shamed, or angry, or you feel a paralyzing sorrow...


Interrupt the blocking

As this course can only be purchased at the end of the e-course
Get Unstuck, it is a prerequisite that you have done that course
and trained on the method in this course, preferably during a couple
of weeks.

Finding one's inner peace is a good start, and a necessary
start of the inner process you will learn to use in this e-course.
This process is based on the ability to listen and to
understand without judging, and on the ability to be true to
oneself and have good contact with one's own reality.


is about how you can learn to re-program your subconscious mind, so that
you automatically interrupt an emotional blocking, and
so that you respond to criticism in a constructive way.

The e-course also includes a section where you can learn how criticize
in a way that does not cause others to get emotionally blocked.

Five text sections, 10 pages, two audio recordings, in total 55 minutes.

As HANDLE CRITICISM is a continuation course, which requires you to first have gone through the e-course GET UNSTUCK, it is not possible to buy here.

The PayPal purchase and download button
is located at the end of the course material
of Get Unstuck.

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