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About us at PsykosyntesForum

PsykosyntesForum (Psychosynthesis Forum in Swedish) was established 1992. The company is run by
Lars Gimstedt and Hildigerdur Jakobsdóttir Gimstedt.

Lars and Hildigerdur Gimstedt

Lars has worked as a therapist since 1992, and has also 30 years of experience from the corporate world, the last 10 years in upper management roles. He has diplomas from The Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm, Sweden, as Psychosynthesis Therapist (1992) and Psychosynthesis Supervisor (2004).
He also has a background as MSc in quantum physics and a MA in Project Management.

Lars has expressed his Personal Mission as:

"My Mission is to teach, inspire and coach
those wanting to find their True Self
to let go of what stops them from seeing.

Hildigerdur has 15 years of experience as a hospital counselor and
10 years of experience within Human Resource Management, also as a HR Manager.
She primarily works through our other company, Life Leadership Coaching, as a Life and Leadership Coach.

On Cognitive Psychosynthesis, 4 minutes.
Product Tree

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Our company is a member of the psychosynthesis association Psykosyntesföreningen. PsykosyntesForum offers its services to individuals, companies and public institutions. We work mainly within in mid eastern Sweden but we also work with shorter assignments all over Sweden and on Iceland.
Our office is situated on Torggatan 4 in Linköping, Sweden.


We also run the company
Life Leadership Coaching,
that offers life- leadership- and team coaching, courses, seminars, HRM consulting, career coaching, etc.

See more about LiLeC on the LileC site:
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Self Growth

Quality Assurance at PsykosyntesForum

The Psychosynthesis therapy that is offered at PsykosyntesForum is based on a four-year training program at PsykosyntesAkademin, Stockholm, Sweden. The training meets the formal requirements for psychotherapists from the Swedish medical authorities, and the Psychosynthesis Academy has since a number of years had an ongoing discussion with the Swedish authorities about a government sponsored authorization for psychosynthesis therapists. This discussion is although now in hold due to an ongoing investigation by the corresponding authorities in the European Union, about an EU authorization of psychotherapists. In order to ensure the quality of its training programs the Psychosynthesis Academy at the start-up 1989 built an organization that includes a yearly assessment of the Academy by a Ethical Board consisting of authorized therapists, medical doctors and organizational experts.

In addition to this, the psychosynthesis therapist association PsykosyntesFöreningen supports the quality level of trained psychosynthesis therapists by stipulating training requirements for membership and by requiring that affiliated therapists adheres in writing to the ethical principles of the association. Members violating these can loose their membership and can be deleted from the recommended therapists list on the association's web site. By the membership PsykosyntesForum is also supported by specialized company and liability insurances.

Coaching / therapy via secure video session :

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The Psychosynthesis Academy,
The Psychosynthesis Association ,
Diploma, Thesis Paper .