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SPEECH BLOCKING – finding the state of fluency.

Have you tried everything
for your stuttering,
and nothing worked?

I re-programmed my subconscious
mind and I now speak completely
fluently, as you can hear :
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PS Therapist Lars Gimstedt, 5 minutes.
(The video is on YouTube as well. Look at our other videos.)


Speech Block

The nice image here to the right may look like somebody greeting and welcoming you.
But, for a stutterer, a situation like this can be extremely negative: you open the door, a beautiful woman walks up to you, greets you and asks you to feel welcome.
And you are not able to utter a single word … and the man in the background jokes, in his mind in a friendly way, how her beauty is stunning …

The term mostly used for this phenomenon is ”stuttering”. But, strictly speaking, speech block is a more appropriate term, as it describes the main problem in speech dysfunctions of stuttering type.

Welcome !

Stumbling on a word, hesitating or repeating a word does seldom feel awkward in itself, it is something people do, also non-stutterers. But, suddenly not being able to say what one wants to say, feels for most of us very embarrassing. It can even feel painful, it attracts negative attention, maybe even ridicule, one feels that one is taking up other peoples’ time, one is a nuisance, etc, etc …

Stuttering is partly a learnt behavior

Stuttering, or more adequately termed Speech Blocking, is a speech impairment, that approx. 1% of the adult population suffers from. The neurological factors behind speech blocking have been studied scientifically (see for example a doctoral dissertation by the Swedish scientist Per Alm), but working treatment methods using the neurological knowledge base have as yet not been possible to develop.

Independent of the underlying neurological or physiological factors, the speech blocking is in varying degree amplified by psychological factors, inducing a reaction into a conditioned state in certain conditions or situations. This conditioned state is a result of learning, although sub-consciously. The state is characterized by nervousness, "mind reading" (of the presumed attitude of others), muscular tensions and spasms.

Stuttering is amplified by psychological factors

As there in almost all cases are other states, induced by certain types of situations, where the stutterer is able to talk fluently, speech blocking is not only a physiological problem, but in varying degree also a psychological. Despite the fact that one experiences the speech blocking as a "real" muscular disorder without obvious external cause, it may in large degree be a symptom of underlying psychological blockings.

Purely symptomatic treatment, as for example speech training, can in these cases therefore be inefficient and may even reinforce one's negative self-image as a chronic stutterer.

Programming oneself for fluent speech

PsykosyntesForums treatment method is based on Cognitive Script Therapy.
By understanding the sub-conscious "scripts" that are the cause of the speech blocking, and by re-programming of these, the client is able after a relatively
short time (typically three to six months) eliminate or substantially reduce the risk
of getting into a speech block. The treatment also focuses on other factors, as
self-image, inner beliefs about oneself, stress handling, and other factors.

As the treatment includes therapy methods for self-confidence training and self-knowledge, we offer this treatment only for clients older than 18 years of age.

Self-training program on mp3 or audio-CD

The treatment is often finalized with the production of an individually adapted self-training program, which is based on Cognitive Script Therapy, Self-Hypnosis and Binaural Brain Wave Entrainment. In this self-training program those methods are included, that during the treatment have proven effective in creating fluent speech for the client.

The treatment concept is based on my own experience

I developed the concept when I, Lars Gimstedt, was asked 2005 to work using Cognitive Script Therapy (CST) and methods from Neuro-Semantics with a severe stutterer. During the development of a treatment method my own experiences came up from having suffered from severe stuttering during fifteen years. I began to reflect on and analyze my own path towards complete fluency. Read more about this in the sample of the e-course below:

Self-study course on the web


Stutter Free

Built from the experience of treatment programs for stutterers, that have been developed at PsykosyntesForum
during a number of years now, an e-course Reprogram Your Stuttering
has been produced.

It is a self-study course with both theory, concrete exercises and guided meditations.

The course has 12 separate sections, and is based on a number of techniques from CST, both those that work on
a conscious and cognitive level, and those that directly influence the subconscious mind.

The course is best done on-line over the web, but in each section a corresponding chapter from an e-book in pdf format can be downloaded and printed.

Look at a short YouTube video:

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The different sections also include 18 audio recordings, that you can listen at on-line, or that you can download in order to listen off-line on your computer or with an ipod.

The course e-book consists of 62 text pages, and the total recording time for the audio files is almost 3 hours. Some of the audio recordings include BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.

Personal coaching via Skype video calls during the course can be booked - read more.

This e-course can of course not be as efficient as an individually designed therapeutic treatment, but it may be so that this e-course never the less will help you to find your ability for fluent speech, and that you will learn to have access to your ability to speak fluently in more and more situations.

More information on stuttering:

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Thank you for an useful course! I found it to be easy to follow and I got a lot of good advice that I'm trying to make use of.

I feel that the course has already given me concrete results. I feel more self-confident and I always think about the concrete methods when I get into a speech block. I think you have caught the experience in a good way - I can really recognize myself in what you are describing, how it affects me in a physical way and how certain situations trigger a block due to experiences earlier in my life. It felt good listening to someone that really understands how it feels and which "tricks" one can use.

Ulrika, teacher


I have used the course since I bought it. I started by reading part of the course every second day. I found it logical and could really relate to many of the descriptions, when you get it "packaged" like this. Especially interesting was Valsalva, Perception Channels and the Stuttering Vortex.

When I had come through the course and listened to "Reprogram-ming" it turned really fantastic. Everything fell into place and I "awoke" with a sense that something big was on its way. I listened to Reprogramming each day for 35 days, and I have noticed a clear improvement. My stuttering has improved and firstmost, my ability to handle the problem situations has improved a lot. When I get stuck it is like a solution to the problem "bubbles up" from inside of me, like when the Old Record starts, like: "now she thinks your'e stupid" a counter-argument comes up within "hell, it's cool man, your'e fun and OK" ("OK" comes strangly enough with your accent, but not the rest) and thanks to this, I get unstuck. It really feels fantastic and it feels exactly like your description on how it should work.

I have over the years increased my social skills ans self-esteem quite much, but with the help of the reprogramming these have increased to even higher levels. I actively go into situations where I interact with others, I am always aware of my avoidance behaviors and I work hard to say what I want to say. The minor speech blocks I used to have I could handle before by speaking slowly, but to be able to always get unstuck is essential in becoming completely free. To have been given the tools for this feels incredibly nice.

The bottom line is that this course has exceeded all my expectations, and this is still when I am at the beginning. I guess I cannot say much more than thanks for a fantastically well worked-through product!

Warm regards, Jonathan

Hi Lars!

Thousand thanks for the link that I had lost!
I want to "boost" my speach and go through the course again now before Christmas. The last time I used the course, more than a year ago, my life was rather hectic with work and studies in parallel. This made me not being receptive enough to the message of the course. I have although had good use of many of the tools, like breathing techniques, finding one's inner peace and making the transitions between words softer. But, during the last couple of months I feel that I have "lost" these techniques somewhat, so now when I have more time on my hands, I think I will be able to take in the message of the course and the exercises in a deeper and more permanent way.

All in all, I have found the course very well designed and it has given me a lot! Thank you!

The best to you
, Beatrice


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