Executive Coaching and Management Coaching


What is Executive Coaching and Management Coaching?

Executive Coaching and Management Coaching are individually tailored programs for coaching leadership skills and qualities.

Executive Coaching is for you who are in a top management position in your organization, with responsibilities and authority affecting the whole organization / company.

Management Coaching is for you who have a middle management position.

An Executive Coach is something more than an ordinary discussion partner or advisor -
it is a person who with absolute integrity and deep knowledge of peoples' inner drives poses powerful questions. Questions that will make you reflect about yourself and your professional role. Questions that you will explore together, so that you, via your knowledge and your creativity, will find the answers that will benefit you most.


Executive och Management Coaching will help you to

  • Become clear of you inner drives and your personal goals.

  • Become aware of and accept your strengths and your limitations.

  • Crystallize your visions of your business, using your creativity and inventiveness.

  • Communicate your visions in an efficient and clear way.

  • Motivate others to achieve the results you need to reach the visions.

  • Assess your co-workers' real areas of competence and inner drives.

  • Organize and plan your teams' work towards reaching the visions.

  • Lead others successfully with less consumption of energy and time.

  • Stay focussed on your top priorities, be able to think strategically.

  • Become a skilled negotiator, achieving win-win agreements.

  • Become clear about the delegation of responsibilities and accountabilities.

  • Be able to protect your team from destructive pressure from the outside world.

  • Be a skilled Change Manager.

  • Organize and plan your own life towards better well-being and health.


What has one of the largest and employee popular companies understood?

A couple of years ago, Google wanted to investigate why certain of their teams were more efficient than others. They first investigated on the basis of individual team members' skills and traits, and got no correlation to team efficiency!

In a second world-wide investigation they found the following five key factors:

  1. Team members are kind to each other.

  2. Team members trust each other.

  3. Team roles and execution plans are clear.

  4. Work feels personally meaningful.

  5. Team members all believe that what they do matters.

(Read more: Five Keys for Successful Google Teams.)


Structured leadership:

In our executive coaching, we often work with helping leaders to implement change, and/or to develop the "culture" or "spirit" of the organisation. In this, we use a structured model, "Logical Levels", which originates from Gregory Batesons Systems Theory:

(Click on the image for larger size / download as pdf.)


's coaching programs for Executive Coaching och Management
are individually tailored to the client's needs, but have also the same main structure as other coaching programs (career coaching, life coaching, etc.)


As examples of our view on certain aspects of good leadership, read the papers below. The first one is from my (Lars Gimstedt) Psychosynthesis Training, the second is from a Masters in Project Management.

"What is this we call The Company Spirit, really?"

"Work Satisfaction and Team Decision Power as Fundament
for Development Project Success


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