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STAIRWAY, an adventure story around ACIM.

STAIRWAY: 10 Steps to Heaven.

STAIRWAY John Zacharias, the typical engineer, became more and more provoked by his wife’s growing interest in New Age, which he regarded as anti-scientific brainwashing.

When she one day asked him to read a pamphlet about a book that was alleged to have been “channeled” to the author from Jesus Christ, who had given it the title “A Course in Miracles”, his patience hit a limit.

But, instead of trying again to persuade his wife into realizing why all this just was superstition and naïve wishful thinking, he strangely enough decided to read the book, in order to prove to her that it was all humbug.

This improbable decision changed John’s life completely. Reading the book made John re‑evaluate his view on reality, it made him change his profession into becoming a psychotherapist, and it ultimately made him learn to listen to the divine inner guidance that exists in the silent bottom of the mind of everyone.

John’s inner guidance led him onto a life‑long path towards enlightenment. On his way there, he discovered and refined the ability to transport himself through space and time. This ability was registered by the global security system TSS that by 2040 had become refined to a level of sophistication where it could maintain constant surveillance of every individual on Earth.

When John, after having disappeared without a trace on his hundredth birthday in 2046, returned after three hundred years, many authorities saw John’s return as a grave security risk that eventually could jeopardize political control. The space-time jump ability had from 2144 slowly spread to others. Fearing a more rapid increase of this ability due to John’s return, a special office within the NSA was now formed and was assigned the task of investigating, containing and eliminating this risk.

But, darkness can never dispel Light. The book Stairway is about John’s spiritual path to enlightenment, and about what will happen to mankind when more and more of us let our Inner Light shine, and how this ultimately will dispel all darkness.


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The book Stairway by Lars Gimstedt is an imaginative and thrilling vision about how mankind’s development on Earth can be changed into something better. It is also a thoroughly documented description of how another book, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), can lead to a personal and spiritual growth against all odds.

Those who have worked with ACIM themselves will probably recognize things from their own experiences. But also for those that are beginners to ACIM, the book will convey ideas about how the Course influences, in ways that are both easy to understand and that are educating.

The book differs from an ordinary novel in its format. The different steps in Stairway are identified with the rainbow colors. The narrative consists of letters and reports in different formats and fonts, and it also includes images and symbols. The resulting variation makes the book beautiful, as well as more interesting and easier to read.

For myself, I found Lars’ book very engaging and I recommend it for everyone that have worked with A Course in Miracles and for everyone wanting to learn more about the Course. His book reflects his deep knowledge and experience of ACIM in different situations and contexts. It describes an emerging vision where something deeper in us than the hunt for money and social status, and it is therefore a book for inspiration.

Albert Harloff, Stjarnsund, Sweden,  April 27 2014.

(ACIM translator to Norwegian, author of Thy Will Be Done,
chairman Swedish ACIM Network.)

" 'Imagine….all the people, living life in peace…’ John Lennon

                 Lars Gimstedt is imagining a peaceful world. He is imagining a world where ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Psychosynthesis are showing us how to live a life of peace and harmony. He has created a novel which shows us one man’s path to peace and toward helping the world to achieve it. John Zacharias was born in 1946. At the story’s onset, he is an engineer, married with two children. He thinks like an engineer and wants scientific, empirical proof for anything he might consider truth. His wife is a more spiritual person and is constantly dabbling in ‘new age’ theories. In order to show her the error of her ways, he starts reading a book called ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM). It seems that ACIM is channeled material. It purports to teach us that we have everything backwards. The physical world is simply a dream. We are dreaming this unhappy dream because we think we are separate physical creatures, trying to get what we can for ego gratification. We think that getting the stuff we want will make us happy. The truth, according to ACIM, is that we are all One with the Holy Spirit. As soon as we realize this through the Atonement, we will be truly happy. This can all happen in the holy instant.

                 John Zacharias doesn’t buy this at all at first. He wants scientific proof before changing his world view. But something changes as he begins to read ACIM and apply the lessons. He starts to feel more peaceful. His relationship with his wife improves as he totally forgives her. He begins to glimpse that projection does make perception. He finally decides that he no longer wants his profession or job as an engineer. Instead he signs up for a four year training program in psychosynthesis. He learns to communicate spiritual truth to others. This would be enough for a whole book. But there are more adventures.

                 On his 100th birthday he disappears! He does not die, just vanishes, like Jesus or Elijah! His plan is to return to Earth in 300 years, to finish the job of enlightenment. Can you guess how the NSA views his disappearance? Is he considered a threat to national security?  Read this book to find out the exciting conclusion. What is the world like when ACIM becomes the new gold standard of truth?

Sam Menahem, Fort Lee, NJ, May 6 2014."

(Dr. Sam Menahem, spiritual psychologist.
Founder of the Center for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Growth.)

Hi Lars!
Now I have finished reading Stairway. Oh such enjoyable reading! You really are a kin spirit of mine. A spiritual brother. We share how we look at the death and the resurrection of Jesus. And your thoughts about the death of human beings - I really dig that, that's how I see it as well: something to be curious about, to anticipate - even though the grief and the loss may be huge when one becomes reparated from those one loves. We do not die as souls, we just leave our body. Mmmm, absolutely. And your thoughts about Judgement Day= liberation. Yes. "Lift your heads up when the day comes near, because your liberation is near" - or something like that, I don't remember the Bible verse exactly. And I love your total pacifism. Never strike back, forgive! When I say things like that people always shake their heads. "Are we to let ISIS kill all the Christians!? No, we have to fight back", the say resolutely and look at me, sternly. Well, I cannot easily pass by that one thereby "accepts" the killing and torturing and raping of people. But if we ever want to change the thought patterns and the way of acting of the ISIS soldiers we have to persistently show that we believe that non-violence is the path.
You have managed to get a lot into this little book...
Kristina, Mjolby Sweden.

I, Yeshua

I, Yeshua. Awakener.

Read also my novel "I, Yeshua. Awakener",
about the Jesus that comes forth as the author of
A Course in Miracles.

The "Gospel" Jesus himself, or Yeshua
as his name was in his native language Arameic,
could have written.


A Course To Miracles

An ongoing book project: A Course To Miracles.

The book contains a number of short stories, contributed by "ACIM students", of every-day miracles they have experienced after having surrendered their decision-making to The Holy Spirit.

Read more about the present edition of the book, contribute !
(If you do, you will get the e-book version for free + access to all future editions.)

Jesus on Catching the Bull.

Jesus on Catching the Bull.

A dialogue with Jesus around the ancient Buddhistic images "The Bull and His Herdsman", and on how to find one's True Self.


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