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Jesus on Catching the Bull.

The Bull and His Herdsman

The book "Jesus on Catching the Bull."

This book is a dialogue with Jesus around an ancient set of images called "The Bull and His Herdsman" originating from old zen masters. To each image, there is an ancient text connected, as well as three koans, short poems.

The dialogue is an exploration of how these images can be used in the process of spiritual awakening, the awakening towards disidentifying from the ego and becoming aware of one's True Self.

Jesus on Catching the Bull.


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Video on the ten Oxherding images. (11 min.)

After this book, continue with the sequel,
"Jesus on Elevated Form".

If "Jesus on Catching the Bull" is about "ascending" towards finding one's True Self, this book is about "descending" back down into one's normal reality and there manifesting one's True Self.

Jesus on Elevated Forum

Reader feedback:


Hi Lars.
I am reading your book about Jesus and the Bull. What a pearl of a book! Oh, it goes straight into my heart! I read one chapter per day, to really take it in. Also, how nice that it is available in English on Amazon, so that I can recommend my Miracle Friends at Findhorn to read it. Many thanks Lars!

Miracle greetings from Albert Harloff

(Translator of ACIM to Norwegian.)

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