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I, Yeshua. Awakener.


Who is Jesus?
Is he the one described by Paulus and the evangelists in the Bible? Or can a clearer picture of the real person Jesus emerge if one limits oneself to read only what historical data points at being plausible direct quotes?

If Jesus, or Yeshua as his name was in his native tongue Aramaic, would have written his gospel himself, how would that book be?

This book is a proposal for how His own gospel could have been. It is based on what modern historical research has revealed about the time of His life, and is also based on the parts of religious scripture that seem to be possible to confirm historically.

Because historical data, despite new findings, are still extremely scarce, the book is naturally mostly pure fiction, and it is up to you, the reader of this book, to assess what you are willing to accept and what you feel you must reject.

In either case, this book can hopefully inspire you to search for more information about the true Yeshua bar Yosef from Nazareth, the poor wood-worker from an obscure little village in a remote part of the Roman Empire that with his words and deeds has influenced mankind for two millennia.


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I, Yeshua. Awakener.

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In the edition published July 26 2014, the chapter about The Sermon of the Mount has been revised, due to reader feed-back.

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The Sermon on the Mount


"BIG thanks for I, Yeshus. Awakener. I read the book with great pleasure over a short period of time. It is an easy read and the story flows nicely along. Important docrines from ACIM are cleverly inserted. To me this is one of the better books about the life of Jesus. As always when I lika a book I find it too short. It's like good chocolate, and even more, with a spiritual experience with light and a huge portion of love. I wish it would never end and that I will awaken to the real reality.
Kind regards, Sylvia
" (Sweden)

"Lars Gimstedt has published an interesting book about Jesus, or Yeshua. The book is written as a self-biography by Yeshua, and covers his lifespan from childhood till the very last meeting with his disciples after the resurrection.

The author has done an impressive background study regarding Aramaic and Hebrew names, which are used throughout in the book. It made it easier for me to read the book as an independent story, and not directly synchronize it with the Bible all the time.

It is a book easy to read, the chapters are relatively short, coherent and to the point. Students of A Course in Miracles will detect many references, and especially the main focus, that we are all one with our Creator.

It is refreshing to read a more everyday description of the human life of Yeshua. That his life was not very different from our own in many aspects, so easy to forget. That we are all on the same 'voyage', the return trip to Heaven and the Oneness. He just 'finished' ahead of us.

In the author's foreword in the beginning it is made clear that the story is a fictitious one, but based on some of the available material in the Bible and also A Course in Miracles. Nevertheless it stimulates my own perception and understanding of the human Jesus, which in many ways have been regarded as so special that we 'ordinary' humans could never reach a spiritual advanced state such as he did.

I can recommend the book as worthwhile reading for anyone who is working with, or interested in the spiritual side of life. With its many novel interpretations it can lead to a better understanding of what this is about, for those who dare to think 'outside the box'.

Stjärnsund, Sweden,  July 1 2014
Albert Harloff

(ACIM translator to Norwegian, author of Thy Will Be Done,
chairman Swedish ACIM Network.)
"I, Yeshua: Awakener by Lars Gimstedt is the fictional story of the life of Jesus. This life is different from the one we read in the Bible and, as Gimstedt writes in the foreword, 'this book reflects my personal beliefs on how His life may have been, and my personal belief about who Yeshua really was, in contrast to the official descriptions in the Bible and in other scriptures.'

As I read I, Yeshua: Awakener, I found the story to be the same but the interpretation very different than the one I have learned from my Bible readings. Jesus does not see himself as a man who can perform miracles. Yeshua (or Jesus, as the name we are more familiar with) as a young boy loves to hear his mother tell the story of how Gabriel came to her and he tells her about the visit he also received from an angel, telling him about his future life.

His conversations with Ohannes (John the Baptist), Hakob (James, his brother) and his twelve disciples are what I was comfortable with and corresponded to the principles I have been taught. However, some of the answers Jesus gives were not in line with my beliefs. The hardest one being that he does not perform miracles, that but they are more of a magical 'believe in yourself and it will happen' explanation.

I, Yeshua: Awakener is a very different type of book and, while I did not agree with all of it, I did find myself wondering about the alternative answers. Lars Gimstedt has written a story that made me think. If the foreword had not been so explicit I am not sure I would have enjoyed reading I, Yeshua: Awakener. This book must be read with a very open mind. A strong knowledge of the Bible is helpful as well if you want to compare faith against fiction.

Review Rating: 4 stars of 5. By Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite, Jan 5 2015.



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