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Jesus on Elevated Form.

Elevated Self in Form

The book "Jesus on Elevated Form."

This book is a sequel to "Jesus on Catching the Bull", and is a continued dialogue with Jesus, now around his notion "Elevated Self in Form", that he presents in A Course of Love (Amazon affiliate store, Category Spiritual Development / Perron).

Where the former book is about the "ascension" towards finding one's True Self, this sequel is about the "descending" back down to one's ordinary reality in order to manifest it in concrete action. This journey can also have its difficulties, where the ego and the body still can activate subconscious obstacles.
Jesus on Catching the Bull.

Like the former book, "Jesus on Elevated Form" uses ancient symbols in order to illustrate the message, and here the notion of the Chakras, the energy centers of the body, are used as a supporting structure in the exploration of Elevated Self in Form.

Jesus on Elevated Form


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Hi Lars!
Thank you from my heart for letting me read the manuscript of your new book.
Your dialogues with Jesus speak directly to me, and feel so genuine and real. The very last part became a highlight for me, the visualization and the dialogue afterwards where ACIMand ACOL were described and placed in context.

It feels like your book is an important document which will contribute greatly to the understanding of what ACIM and ACOL stand for, and what is happening with us in these times, and it gives a deeper understanding of what New Age is really about. Or Spiritual New Age that Findhorn Foundation stood for when I lived there1978 - 79.
Miracle greetings from Albert Harloff

(Translator of ACIM to Norwegian.)

Jesus Dialogues
Dear Lars,
I love your two books, Jesus on Catching the Bull and Jesus on Elevated Form.

I'm on holiday with nothing on my mind except my continuing dialogue with Jesus through ACOL and with my ACOL Facebook companions.

Rarely have I enjoyed reading anything so much, as your two beautiful dialogues.

(… Read the full Facebook comment.)

Thank you so much, dear brother, for your wonderful contribution.
Phil (www.gouldtraining.co.uk)

Dear ones,
I thought you would be interested to know that there are now two published books – the FIRST OF THEIR KIND– books that specifically engage with A Course of Love (as well as A Course in Miracles).

And they are remarkable books, but I shall not be the spoiler! Suffice it to say that they take a unique, fresh, and powerful view of both ACIM and ACOL. (You can read the synopsis on Amazon.)
I recommend them both.

The author is Lars Gimstedt, a Swedish quantum physicist who purchased A Course in Miracles 30 years ago with the sole purpose of disputing his wife’s “infatuation” with ACIM. But upon reading ACIM, Lars ended up changing his career – for a long time, now, he has been a psychotherapist, specializing in psychosynthesis.

Over the past year, Lars has been reading and re-reading ACOL. Lars is now translating ACOL into Swedish, in cooperation with his friend Paulina Fredriksson.
Here are the links:
Jesus on Catching the Bull – (the Bull is a Buddhist metaphor for the mind), Jesus on Elevated Form.

Love to you all, Glenn Hovemann, Editor,
Take Heart Publications, publisher of A Course of Love: Combined Volume (www.acourseoflove.com)

Here more books by Lars Gimstedt are shown. In order to find them on Amazon (where they are available both as e-book and paperback), search under Books/gimstedt.


Stairway: 10 Steps to Heaven.

Read also my science-fiction novel about the square-headed engineer who was provoked into reading A Course in Miracles, which changed his life in unexpected ways.


I, Yeshua

I, Yeshua. Awakener.

My novel "I, Yeshua. Awakener" is about the Jesus that comes forth as the author of A Course in Miracles.

The "Gospel" Jesus himself, or Yeshua as his name was in his native language Arameic, could have written.


A Course To Miracles

An ongoing book project: A Course To Miracles.

The book contains a number of short stories, contributed by "ACIM students", of every-day miracles they have experienced after having surrendered their decision-making to The Holy Spirit.

Read more about the present edition of the book, contribute !
(If you do, you will get the e-book version for free + access to all future editions.)

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