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In this e-course you will learn how to use the hidden knowledge of your subconscious mind to support and activate the ability of your subconscious and your body to create permanent reprogramming.

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Allergy has always a physiologic / body chemical source.

Foreign microscopic particles enter our body and activate our immune system, causing different symptoms like swollen mucous membranes, skin rash, inflammation. When this occurs with a substance that does not expose the body for any threat, we call the reaction allergy.

The activation of the immune system is also done by a psychological conditioning.

This has the positive function of speeding the immune system up, in cases where the immune system shall react. In connection with allergies this conditioning can over time dominate over the physiological triggering, and can even over time become the only triggering factor.
An allergy can start during a period of illness or of depression, which may have degraded the immune system temporarily, such that it reacted physiologically on a foreign substance it normally had ignored before. After this period, when one is well again, the immune system recuperates. Then it does not react physiologically to the substance any longer, but a psychological conditioning may still remain.

This negative conditioning can be alleviated with cognitive script therapy.

In this e-course you will learn a specific method, with the help of which you will reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate the conditioned allergy reflex of your immune system.
If you are among the large group of allergics, where this conditioned reflex has been a dominating factor, it is highly probable that your allergy will immediately decrease, or even disappear completely.

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