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The e-course MY MISSION

NOTE: This is an excerpt of the course MY MISSION -
sections 0 and 1 (out of total 11 sections, see Index of Contents below).

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Welcome to the e-course


Your Inner Compass

Clarify and formulate your Personal Mission,
as an inner compass towards your Life Goals.


This page starts with an Index of Contents for the e-course.

The first time you read this, do not click on the links as yet - continue reading below the Index of Contents, in order to read the section Introduction.


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Index of Contents

You can return here from any page in the course, by
Index of Contents clicking on the Compasses up in the left upper corner and in the bottom left corner of each page.

0. Introduction This page. Making an "Inventory" of your life as it is just now.

1. Examples in the World About Vision and Mission Statements of others.
Inspiring as well as negative examples.

2. The Ways of the Self

About the often hidden knowledge of our Higher Being, the Self. A model for the different Ways to Self Actualization.
The visualization The Encounter.

3. Passion What arouses my passion? Do I live a passionate life today? If not, what is my vision for that?
The visualization The Goal.

4. Concretizing The Mission Statement has to meet three criteria, that concern both use of language and content.
About limiting beliefs and convictions.
The visualization Deep Space.

5. The Larger Picture Explore your Basic Personality, and how you have been influenced by family and key persons.
Explore your abilities and your characteristics.
The visualizations The Well and The Water Lily.

6. Formulate Your Mission The three puzzle pieces of the Mission Statement.
Hone the Vision and the Mission Statements.
The visualization The Road.

7. Manifest

About the Will and the Will Process: Goal Setting,
Deliberation, Affirmation, Planning, Execution,
The visualization The Chalice.

8. Release the negative Learn how to let go of unfounded anxiety.
Empower your Self Image. Prepare your subconscious mind to reach your Vision.
The visualizations Let go of fear, Let go of anxiety,
The Belief Buster
and The Garden.

9. Integrate "Plant the Vision" into your brain: hone, integrate,
program into your subconscious mind.
The visualizations The Cocoon, The Goal Image,
Integrate, Program.

10. Ground

Grounding, widen your vision.
The visualizations The Larger Plan, Kundalini Grounding, The Guide.


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Course instructions

The layout and text size has been designed for a small screen, as more and more people are using a surf pad instead of an ordinary computer. On a surf pad the screen resolution is smaller, and this page (the light brown part) will in this case cover most of the screen.

On a normal computer screen, on the other hand, the text may be displayed with rather small letters.

If you find it hard to read,
increase the zoom level in your
web browser: Ctrl +
i.e. Ctrl-button and "+"-button simultaneously.

(You may have to repeat this command when opening new pages.)

The course has ten sections. Each section contains informational text, exercises where you may be asked to reflect and make notes, visualizations, etc.

In order to let what you read to sink down and become properly integrated, do at the most one section during any one day. It may even sometimes be beneficial to wait one or more days before starting a new section.

Some sections may require several days to complete, and it may also be beneficial for you to go back and repeat earlier exercises, before continuing.

The visualizations and other exercises on audio recordings sometimes include relaxation scripts, and many of them also include a subliminal sound background for brain wave entrainment. In order to get the full benefit from the audio recorded exercises, sit in a comfortable chair or arm chair, and listen with earphones. If it is not possible to sit near your computer when doing this, you can download the audio recordings to a mp3 player.

Lars Gimstedt
Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis
therapist and life coach.

Help yourself with coaching

This course is a self-study course, but it is highly probable that it will awaken a lot of thoughts, making you wonder about your life.

You can, if you want to and if you feel that you need it, get coaching through the whole course or through parts of it. Coaching can be in the form of email correspondence, through personal visits here in Linkoping, Sweden, or through video-coaching through Tipmeet.

Contact us for booking times and costs.

Take a walk!

In some sections there will be several
exercises following each other, and these images will be sometimes be presented.
They denote:

"Now, take a break, walk around, stretch,
or take a brisk walk outdoors.

Take a walk!

This course may be the most important thing you have decided to do
in your entire life, so "hurry slowly" !

This course is about Meaningfulness. It aims not to teach you what the meaning of your life is, as that is beyond teaching.

But, it aims to teach you how to access your own inner knowledge about who you are and about the Purpose of your life.


You have an inner "CEO"

All successful companies formulate their Vision and their Mission, sometimes termed as Business Plan, Our Vision, Our Core Idea or similar expressions.

The successful CEO makes sure that each and every employee knows this by heart, that each one sympathizes with it, talks about it, so that the Vision and Mission Statements are communicated, in each contact the company has with the world and with its customers.

You have a "CEO" within, and your
"co-workers" are everything making up who you are: your body, your brain, your heart, your psyche with all its subpersonalities, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.


Your Inner CEO needs a "Business Plan"

But, sometimes we are not in contact with our Inner CEO, and we have therefore limited control of our life, we are not sufficiently aware of what we really want deep inside, what we really want to achieve, what deeper meaning we want our life to have.

This course will lead you through a structured process, where you step by step will approach, and hopefully at last will reach, clarity about what you really, deep inside, want with your life.

In order to make this clarity stay, in order to make it grow into an inner conviction, and in order to make you able to communicate this conviction to others, you will be led in a process for formulating your Vision and for formulating what you intend to do to get there - your Mission Statement.

When you have done this, you will achieve the following:

Your Vision will arouse your passion for what you are doing,
__ and you will, like the bees, hum whilst working,
__ or when you are occupied by your activities or enterprise.

Your Mission Statement will be your Inner Compass.
It will give you the feeling of always knowing inside whether you are
on the Right Path for you, and it will lead you back to it if and when you
have come onto a path which is not yours, a path that does not
lead you to you Life Goals.

Your declared Vision and Mission Statement will inspire others,
and you will get the help and the support you need.

Let what you read get the time you need to sink in and to make change

The sections of this course build on each other, so go through each section in the order they come, and keep working with each section until you feel that you have grasped the issue of the section and that you have started to apply it in your life, before continuing to the next section.

You can go from one section to the one just before or the one just after with the Next and Back buttons at the top and at the bottom of each page, and you can reach any section via the links in the Index of Contents above.

Logical Levels


Before starting with the other course sections, use a moment to "take the temperature" of your life, as it is now.

A useful structure for doing this is illustrated by the image to the left, that shows the model "Logical Levels" from the System Theory by Gregory Bateson.

With the help of this structure, you can ask yourself the following questions. Reflect on each question and make written notes of your answers.

1. MEANING - What is the purpose of my life?

What in my life feels meaningful, what feels meaningless?

  • Then: What did I strive for, what did I dream about, when I was younger?

  • Now: What do I strive for today, what are my dreams today?

  • Ahead: What do I think I will experience as meaningful in the future, when I am older?

2. SELF-IMAGE- How do I regard myself?

  • How is my self-image? Positive or limiting?

  • How do I believe others regard me?
    Does their image of me correspond with my own?

  • How would I like it to be?

3. INNER BELIEFS - What are my core values and my convictions?

Which values would I want to form my life?

  • Which important core values do I have, and that I want my life to reflect? Do they?

  • Which positive beliefs do I have about myself, and that support me in what I do?

  • Which persons in my life believe in me and support me in what I want to do?

  • Which negative beliefs about myself do I have, that limit me?

  • Which negative beliefs do others seem to have about me?

4. ABILITIES - How good am I in achieving what I want?

Which abilities do I have, and which should I develop?

  • Which abilities do I have to use most frequently in my life?
    What do I consider myself being good at?

  • What would I benefit from being better at?

  • Do I make use of abilities of others?

  • What would I want to do, if I developed new skills?

5. ACTING - Am I doing what I need to do in order to reach my goals?

How do I act in different situations?

  • If I would describe my way of acting, when I feel pleased about myself and about my life, which words would I use?

  • What is my way of acting when I feel depressed / angry / frustrated / etc?

  • Does it happen that I sabotage myself, and how do I do that?

  • How would I like to be able to act, in order to achieve my goals?

6. SITUATIONS - Which situations are positive, which are negative?

In which typical situations do I feel at ease? In which situations / contexts / places do I feel that my life is meaningful, that I get what I need, where I am able to do what my heart yearns for?

  • Which ones of my basic needs are met in these situations?

  • What is it in these situations that make me feel meaningfulness?

In which typical situations do I experience my life as problematic?

  • Which typical situations make me feel frustrated / angry / depressed / blocked / etc? Whose fault do I think this is?

  • Which typical situations tend to upset others around me?
    Who is typically causing this?

  • How do I usually try to handle these situations?
    What is the typical outcome of this?

  • How would I like the outcome to be?
    How would I like to be able to act?


You have now, by reflecting, by making written notes, and by reading through your notes, made a first "inventory" of your life.

All the time during working with this course,
My Mission, keep these notes accessible.

Make changes and/or make additions if and when you feel it is needed, or when you get new ideas and thoughts.

At the end of the course you will be asked to do this exercise again, but in a new way ...


Course Binder

File System

Prepare your Course Binder

Prepare a binder with a folder system with at least ten dividers.

Denote the first divider 0. Inventory, and put your notes from the exercise above into the binder.

You will get more instructions in the course, as needed, in how to use the different parts of your Course Binder.

Index of Contents

The button Next below will "flip the page", bringing you to the next section, which will contain positive and negative examples of Vision and Mission Statements.

At the top and at the bottom of each section you will find the image
Index of Contents here to the left. Clicking on it will bring you to the Index of Contents further up on this page.

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