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The novel "Risk Life Once More", by Kristina Post.

(A translation from Swedish to English is planned)

About the author:

Kristina Post is a music- and math-teacher in the Swedish small town of Motala. She is also a choirmaster and engaged in the local politics. To reflect upon all issues life brings together with friends and try to put the outcome into practice is one of her bigger interests.

Kristina Post

She regards herself as a creative maniac, who rather likes to see possibilities instead of problems and problems as challenges, carrying an indomitable belief that love in the long run will overcome evil. A trusting relationship to God is her source of strength in life.

”Don’t play with death” is her debut as an author, the first part of a planned trilogy.

Touched by God and Monsters. Part 2:

Paperback : Amazon, $20.

E-book Kindle: Amazon, $10.

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Mail Kristina: kristina.mailme@gmail.com. Follow her on FACEBOOK.

Reader feedback:


"A reading experience with many layers and a deep exploration into what it means to take one's faith seriously."

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