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Motivating and leading oneself

Self-leadership works well in a person with a positive self-image, one who knows what he or she values in life.

Persons with good self-leadership create positive and appealing inner goal images that feel motivating.

Self-leadership also implies freedom: in each situation one has the ability to look at it from different perspectives. Out of this one sees several different possible ways of action, and one then consciously selects the alternative that feels best for oneself and for others.

A person with good self-leadership acts with awareness, instead of re-acting by instinct.

Good leadership presupposes good self-leadership.

Self-leadership can be learned and trained

Coaching focuses on self-leadership and always aims at developing the client's ability to lead him- or herself. But psychotherapy may also be necessary in work with self-leadership, in order to discover and to reduce that which blocks the ability for good self-leadership.

Psychosynthesis is often called "the Psychology of the Will", as it focuses specifically on the function of the will, how will is like a "muscle" that is possible to train.
In psychosynthesis one describes the different aspects of the will: Good Will, Strong Will and Skilful Will - and how to achieve a proper balance between these three.

Example of tools (in alphabetical order):

  • Get Unstuck. This e-course helps you to explore when and how you become emotionally blocked, which may lead you into subconscious and destructive re-action instead of action with due consideration.

  • Goal Image Training. You can find this e-course under the header Mental Training on the page with bonus material for newsletter subscribers.

  • Meditation. Increase your focus and your ability to stay in the present moment.

  • Mental Frames. Make yourself aware of "learned pessimism" and use mental frames for constructive optimism.

  • Release the Emotion. This e-course focuses mainly on learning how to release negative and destructive emotional moods. But, the course also includes a section called "Set Goals Powerfully and Release Limiting Emotions".

  • Visualizations. Some of the Psychosynthesis visualizations that are available for purchase and download focus on self-leadership:
    The Boat - taking control of your life.
    The Chalice - exploring the balance between Love and Will.
    The Goal - overcoming resistance and criticism.
    The Road - explore the areas Now, Yesterday, Tomorrow.
    Space - get perspective on your life.
    (Listen for free before purchasing as newsletter subscriber.




is OK when


  • You wait with acting until you have understood the situation, and then you act purposefully until you have achieved what you want.

  • You always see several different ways of action, and you can select the one of these that will lead you best to where you want.

  • You motivate yourself by visualizing the outcome you want to achieve, and you are focused when you start acting.

  • You are a good planner, both short and long term, and when you encounter obstacles you re-plan and continue to work.

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