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What do you prefer, striving after being your Self, or being it?

When you have reached this level, you may have "travelled" for a long time, and gone through much work with yourself. But, to actualize one's Self, to identify with it completely, is nothing one can do just by deciding to to it.

The experience of being one's Self, being in one's Higher I, can come as a spontaneous revelation. Many can experience this as second-short instants of experiencing being One with Everything.

If you could stay there, in your Self, then you would know what your Vision and your Mission are, then you would lead and motivate yourself, then you would know who you are and what you really want, then you would be able to observe yourself, your thoughts and emotions, and you would be able to choose and to prioritize, and you would manifest your Self in everything you do.

It is necessary to have done the work in all the levels below, but it is not sufficient.
Even if you have done your "homework", it may still be so that:

  • You feel alone with your dreams, and it feels difficult to find a context that would support you.

  • You often doubt yourself, despite the fact that you know what you want and where you want to go.

  • You have visions, but it feels like you constantly need to revise them, due to unforeseeable things that happen in your life.

  • You want to believe in a spiritual dimension, but as you never see any clear indications of that it exists, you often doubt that it does.

In order to reach the final destination, you need both Yin and Yang.

The final destination is not possible to "strive" for. It is even so that "strife" can be an obstacle - Self-actualization is not something you perform, it is something you discover.

But, after each time you "land" in the experience of being your Self, you can save and nourish the memory of the experience. And it seems to be so that the more memories of this kind you have, the more often the experience returns.
Yin och Yang

You can although create good conditions for it to happen, in addition to the necessary conditions that naturally have been created by all the work on the levels 1 to 9. These final conditions can be described with the eastern symbols of Yin and Yang:

  • YIN implies that you open yourself up to the possibility, and just let yourself be in yourself. You can support yourself in this through meditation and contemplation. To do this with self-discipline and patience is important - set aside a period of time for this each day.

  • YANG implies that you hold your Vision and your Mission alive in your inner vision and in your awareness, in everything you do, and that you act as if you already were there. You will not succeed each time, but replace the word "failure" with the word "feed-back": the universe will give you positive or negative feed-back, and everything that happens can be used in your learning process.

In the image of Yin and Yang there are two small dots: in Yin (the dark part) there is some Yang, in Yang there is some Yin. You can remain in a contemplative state even during being active, and you can remain in an actively present state even when meditating.

You can get support and tools in this phase of finding your Self with coaching on the level Awakener.

The course My Mission concludes with two meditative visualizations, The Larger Plan and The Guide, that can help you to center yourself.

Read a book about how the square-headed engineer John Zackarias discovered his way towards finding his Self: STAIRWAY: 10 Steps to Heaven (by Lars Gimstedt).

"I call you to be who you are. You are asked to live a life as seamless as that of the birds of the air. You are asked to live a life where there is no division between who you are and what you do. This place of no division is the place of unity."

(A Course of Love)



  • You know you share your dreams with many, and seemingly by random they cross your path with the help you just then need.

  • You burn for your Vision and your Mission, and you carry a conviction that you have what you need.

  • You often have to re-prioritize and to change your actions plans, but only so that you again find the path that leads to your Vision.

  • You often experience things that tell you that you are led by Someone that knows you and that has a plan for you and your life.

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