Coaching on level 6 - Awakening.

On the awakening level of the coaching the client's
visions and Personal Mission is in focus:

"For whom, for what?" The Awakener's role is to help the client to open up to the transpersonal sphere. Transpersonal = outside / above the individual/personal level. For the spiritually oriented person the transpersonal may mean the spiritual.
The Awakener help others become aware of their Visions and their Personal Missions by being aware of these for his/her own part.

Basic assumptions :

  • Life is a complete mystery with unlimited possibilities.

  • We are all on a journey through Life. In this respect we are all alike.

  • Everyone is valuable and worth respect for who they are.

  • Each person makes the best choices he/she believs are possible in each situation.

  • No one could have reacted differently to what they did in past events.

  • We are, though, completely free to react in any way we want in each situation.

  • We percieve limits to our set of choices because we, or a part of us, are "asleep".

  • If I know that I am valuable and worth respect for the one I am,
    I will experience having access to more choices,
    and by this I will be able to make better decisions,
    and through this I will be free to develop in any direction I wish.


Meditation exercises for Presence, for creativity. Developing of strategies for reaching beyond "The Unknown". Eliminating negative double binds. To update one's "survival strategies". Formulation of one's Personal Mission, concretizing one's Visions.

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