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The booklet "What we know about God"

I sang a song.

“God, in Your power, in Your power; simpler, braver, more reasonable…” It touched a longing in me. Theology is important. What we believe and think is important. On a basic level, it guides how we act, whether we’re aware of it or not. That’s why I got this desire to write down everything I can come up with as important; what people have reached as an insight in their experience of life and God; and make it as simple as possible. This is not a theological treatise! You could read a lot of valuable books which dig deeper into everything I have written about. But right now, I hope that you would rather dig deeper inwardly and listen to God’s voice speaking in your hearts, and then talk about what you hear! Maybe this book could be a starting point or even a speaking partner in your conversation.

About the author:

Kristina Post is a music- and math-teacher in the Swedish small town of Motala. She is also a choirmaster and engaged in the local politics. To reflect upon all issues life brings together with friends and try to put the outcome into practice is one of her bigger interests.

Kristina Post


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