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The novel "Don't Play With Death", by Kristina Post.

”Never, in the nearly four hundred years now since I was born, have I ever seen anything to make me doubt whether God exists in some form or the other. Not even the reflection in the mirror. I’m sure all this sounds a little bizarre, coming from a vampire. But I’m hoping that there is still a point to this life, even for us. It’s a long shot, I’ll admit. By all accounts, we’re damned regardless. But I hope, maybe foolishly, that we’ll get some measure of credit for trying.”

So says the vampire Carlisle Cullen in the book New Moon, Chapter 2, p.36, by Stephenie Meyer. It made me wonder how it would be if I could become his friend. He could use some hope, someone ought to tell him…

Johanna makes a decision with unforeseen and drastic consequences. It leads to a breathtaking friendship with life and death at stake with a lot of reflections upon life’s big questions. The book rapidly takes the reader into burningly serious circumstances, all the time with death as a dark shadow hovering in the rear.

”Don’t Play With Death” is a self-contained tale with the Twilight-quote above as a starting-point.

About the author:

Kristina Post is a music- and math-teacher in the Swedish small town of Motala. She is also a choirmaster and engaged in the local politics. To reflect upon all issues life brings together with friends and try to put the outcome into practice is one of her bigger interests.

Kristina Post

She regards herself as a creative maniac, who rather likes to see possibilities instead of problems and problems as challenges, carrying an indomitable belief that love in the long run will overcome evil. A trusting relationship to God is her source of strength in life.

”Don’t play with death” is her debut as an author, the first part of a planned trilogy.

Touched by God and Monsters. Part 1:

Paperback : Amazon, $20.

E-book Kindle: Amazon, $10.

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Mail Kristina: kristina.mailme@gmail.com. Follow her on FACEBOOK.

Reader feedback:


"Thrilling, a really good read!"

"A book that has led to many discussions. Worth reading!"
/ Elisabeth

"A must read." / Lotta

"Written just for me." / Touched

"I think and believe that your book is valuable for everyone seeking answers to the big questions about life."

"I love your book. Exciting meeting between vampires with cannibalistic drives and pious Swedish Christianity! As see it, you widen both the 'Image of God' and the potential of the individual human being and the opportunity for choice beyond the sometimes tight boundaries that traditional Christian teachings have defined in the past."


"Love and fear, the two basic emotions in our existence. How true,
how true. Johanna, the protagonist of the book, has such a faith in
God and is so anchored in His love and all-encompassing power
that she is prepared, if necessary, to sacrifice her life in order to
save vampires, these frightening entities with super powers that
live a life in opposition to God's message of love. In this Johanna
is magnificent and she lives her life following Christ. Not without
anxiety, but Jesus was anxious as well in Getsemane. Such a stance
in one's life is possible when one KNOWS that God is present with
everyone and in everything, throughout his creation, without
exceptions, when one KNOWS that there is no place where He is
not present, no single soul that is neglected, that Christ does not
leave one single lamb left in the desert, but turns back to find it
in order to save the lost lamb."

"Johanna is embraced by God's love and His total presence. So secure that she dares to be with vampires and to meet them both physically, emotionally and mentally. I know that you are both honest and realistic in this, Kristina. I know that your conviction is so much more than just an idealistic hope that the statements about God and Jesus are true. You KNOW. There is a difference between this and just believing. This is why it is so important to you to share this knowledge with all those who (as yet) do not have it, I think.

It's really good. Read it! / Mia

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