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Inner images of a healthy immune system

Start now by thinking of something you are OK with, which does not make you react at all, something resembling that which causes your allergy.

If you for example are allergic to pollen, but nothing happens when you have baked bread - think about how it is when you are exposed to flour whirling around.

Or if you are allergic to cat but a dog does not make you react at all - think about how it has been patting a dog, both whilst doing it and afterwards. Or if you are oversensitive to electric radiation, but are OK with other types of radiation.

Carefully select something where this corresponds completely to how you are, and how you have been as long as you can remember.

Go back to and enter into a specific memory of this ”harmless” disturbance, or bring back memories of typical situations where you were exposed the ”harmless” substance / scent / or sensory experience. Re-experience it here and now, as if you were there. What do you see in this memory, with your inner vision? Is there anything you hear, in connection to the situation? There may be sounds you are normally not aware of, like the sound of yourself breathing calmly, or hearing yourself talk in a relaxed way. Which body sensations are there? Also here there can be things you normally do not register, like being in a relaxed state, or that your skin feels neither warm or cold, the stomach feels calm, etc. Which emotions are there? Note that we always have emotions, which really are a kind of body sensations, even if they often are outside our conscious awareness and are more “basic emotional states” or moods.

Just now, being completely immersed in this memory, or remembering these typical situations, reflect on how it is that a foreign substance is entering your body, through inhaling it or by skin contact. And reflect on that your immune system, always in an alert state of “stand-by”, registers this foreign substance. Imagine that you almost can experience this happening, how you can experience how your immune system functions perfectly - it is programmed to know that this is a harmless substance, and how it does not react in any way. Nothing happens in connection to becoming exposed, despite the fact that you may sense the smell of the substance, or that you feel it on your skin, or that you feel it in the air you inhale.
Re-experience the memory completely, with all your senses, take your time…

Anchor the image

Hold left wrist

When you have re-experienced this memory completely, re-experienced this inner reality, with all your senses, thoughts and emotions, anchor this experience by gently taking hold of your left wrist with your right hand. Go back into the memory, re-experience it with your inner vision, inner hearing, body sensations, thoughts and emotions, and anchor this subconscious knowledge by feeling yourself calmly holding your left wrist.

Listen at the two last pages, or download the audio file.

Download Reprogram Allergy 1 2

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(mp3, 11 Mb, 11 minutes.)

Repeat this section
until the ”harmless” disturbance feels completely natural.
Repeat it until you have made yourself completely aware of the disturbance and
how you experience it, aware of what you register in connection to the “harmless” disturbance - sensory input, body sensations, inner dialogue, what you think and feel in connection to the experience.

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