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The term Self-Vision, the Vision of the Self, stands for your personal visions for your life, the inner images of what you have achieved after some steps towards your goal, and of what you have accomplished when you have fulfilled your Mission.

Visions can be shaped and expressed in many ways - using words, as an inner image, as imagining how it would feel to have reached the goal.

To consciously form one's vision in all of these ways, and in addition to write it down or to draw it, creates inner subconscious images that will give you energy and a sense of direction.

To have formulated and communicated your Vision will activate both your inner resources and the external resources you need in order to reach your goal.

When groups, companies or organizations lack visions, it is usually obvious that this in most cases leads to stagnation. This is the case on an individual level as well...

The power of the imagination

To have formulated one's Mission means to have defined one's goals, to have decided to work in order to achieve them, and to have laid up an action plan.

To have a Vision about this implies using the power of one's imagination to allow oneself to now and then be there, to imagine how it will be to have achieved one's goals, using thought, emotions, body sensations and all senses.

A living inner image of your Vision will be as a magnet, which will "pull" your subconscious mind into acting with focus and determination, and it will influence others by being as a magnet, attracting the resources you need.

You have not completed the work with your Vision, if

  • You don’t have a clear image of what you want to achieve, and you can therefore not describe it to anyone else either.

  • You feel that visions are something dreamers and idealists occupy themselves with; a sensible person is realistic and works in practical ways.

  • You sometimes feel inspired by people with strong visions, but you don’t think you can be that way, they are ”special”.

  • You interpret each obstacle, each delay, each problem, as signs of that your vision is unrealistic and impossible for you to achieve.

The Vision needs to be defined, concretized and brought to life

In the final part of the course My Mission there are two sections: Integrate and Ground.

In the first section you are led through a structured process for building up a clear inner image:

  1. Hone your Vision Statement.
  2. Hone your Mission Statement.
  3. The Goal Image.
  4. Integrate into the entire brain.
  5. The Time Line.
  6. Programming of your future.

In the section Ground you are led through a process for grounding your Vision into your conscious mind, into your subconscious mind and into your body.


The level SELF-VISION is OK when

  • You have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and you often describe it to others in a captivating way.

  • You know that a vision is a magnet that will help you to prioritize and to choose the path of action that leads there.

  • You let yourself feel inspired by your vision, and you allow yourself to already now feel the happiness you know will be there when you have reached the goal.

  • You see every obstacle or problem as a new opportunity for you to become even better at striving towards what you dream of.

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