Coaching on level 5 - Sponsoring.

"Let everything you do be done as if it will make a difference." (William James)

In the sponsor phase of the coaching program
the client's sense of identity and self-image is in focus.

Basic assumptions :

  • On the deepest level of identity, everyone is a good person.
    People have on this level always positive intentions.

  • It is crucial to be able to see and to acknowledge other's inner goodness and their
    potential for doing good.

  • Everyone is on his or her own "Journey of the Hero/Heroine".

  • The more this person can be persuaded to let out his/her inner light,
    the more light will there be in the World.

  • My presence and my steady attentiveness, my ability to truly see others,
    will in a natural way activate their deepest potential.

  • The person I have in front of me is valuable.
    He/she is worth my full attention and my acknowledgement.


Becoming conscious of negative / non-existent / positive sponsoring. Centering meditation, getting into contact with one's inner resources. Exercises for centering / inner balance. Symbolic work with the "Journey of the Hero". Work with the three Will powers - Strong / Skilful / Good. Grounding of one's personal potential. Finding Inner Sponsors.'

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