The Mentor (level 4 in the PsF coaching program).

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix.

In the mentor phase of the coaching the values and beliefs of the client are in focus.

The Mentor helps the client to discover how these subconsciously affect oneself - in a positive way if they enhance one's energy, concentration and confidence - in a negative way if they constitute inner obstacles, create feelings of powerlessness, decrease confidence. The Mentor helps the client to turn the negative ones into positive.

Basic assumptions :

  • When a person really wants something and really believes in it,
    he/she will find a way to make it happen.

  • The most important thing I can do for others is to help them believe in themselves
    and to value what they are doing.

  • Everyone has, deepest down, a positive intention.
    To have positive values and positive beliefs in oneself is the foundation for being able to express this positive intention in the best and most efficient way.

  • This person will in a natural way be able to get confidence building beliefs and values about him/herself, with the help from advice and support from me.

  • One of the most efficient ways of supporting others is by being a positive role model.


Creating Inner Mentors. Analysis of basic values. Grounding and integrating the levels vision-mission-values-skills-behavious-situations. Turning vision into action. Analysis of inner beliefs about personal goals. Using positive re-framing.

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