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This is not the truth...


This is not the truth

Here and there in my texts on this site I have used this "rubber stamp".

My old teacher at the Psychsynthesis Academy, Margo Russel, always wrote this on the whiteboard after her lectures, above everything she had written there.

With this she wanted to emphasize, and she also commented on this each time she wrote it, the following:
When we talk about the human psyche, or the soul, or about anything within a psychological or spiritual realm, we have to keep in mind that what we are talking about can only be regarded as models of reality.

Models are like maps, they can be simple and crude, or complicated and detailed. But, the important thing to remember is: do not confuse models or maps with the reality they attempt to model. Models and maps can be useful for finding one's way or to understand, but they can also be misleading. And the greatest risk for this happening is when one forgets to make the distiction between reality and a model of reality.

The models I describe are in most cases models I have put together myself, and they are based on my subjective interpretation of reality. Or someone else has designed it, in which case I have indicated this.

So, with this in mind,
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