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Inner Healing.

WELCOME to the e-course

You will in this course learn how to use the hidden knowledge of you sub-conscious mind and of your body for empowering and activating your body's ability to heal itself.

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The medical science has shown how more and more medical disorders seem to have psychological connections, so called psychosomatic factors. The term psychosomatic is in most cases used, when the issue is how psychological factors influence the genesis of disorders. This is important on a general level, for the prevention of ill-health of humans and of animals, for example ill-health caused by negative stress.

The same though models can though, for someone suffering of an illness or medical disorder, lead to feelings of guilt, which does not lead forward. On the contrary, feelings of guilt can even have a negative influence on the illness.

In this course you will learn how to use the same psychological factors in a conscious and positive way, in order to instead counteract illness and in order to empower and activate your body's ability to heal itself.

What is taught in this course shall not and cannot substitute medical treatment.
The intension of acquiring the knowledge and the abilities this course may lead to
is to support the medical treatment, so that it becomes even more effective.

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