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BOOK SHOP for books published by PsF


Forum has a publishing branch.

Books that we have published ourselves have been gathered on this page.
(Other books: go to the Webshop.)

If you click on a book cover you will be linked to a more extensive product page, where you will be able to buy and download the book as an e-book.

There is also a link to Amazon, where you can get the book as a paperback or as a Kindle e-book.


Lars Gimstedt

Lars Gimstedt

Lars Gimstedt works as a Psychosynthesis Therapist and Life Coach since 1992. He has a background as a quantum physicist and has also worked in corporate business for 30 years.

A Course To Miracles

A Course
To Miracles

This book is a joint venture and is a collection of short stories from different "students of A Course in Miracles".

Conscious Vision

Conscious Vision

Train Conscious Vision - and become more Consciously Present.


Eating Script

Reprogram your sub-conscious mind, so that your body automatically tells you how to eat well.


ETT - Eliminate
Time Thieves.

Lower your stress level by working more efficiently - develop your personal planning skills.

Children love fairy tales

Fairy Tale Therapy

Your child´s development can be enhanced by listening to and/or reading genuine old fairy tales.

I, Yeshua. Awakener.

I, Yeshua.

The gospel Jesus himself, the real person, could have written.

Jesus on
Catching the Bull

A dialogue with Jesus around an ancient set of images called "The Bull and His Herdsman" originating from old zen masters.

Jesus on Elevated Form

Jesus on
Elevated Form.

Dialogue nr 2 with Jesus.

On how to manifest one's True Self in the physical reality.


Stairway: 10 steps
to Heaven.

John Zacharias, the typical engineer, became more and more provoked by his wife’s interest in A Course of Miracles, which he regarded as anti-scientific brainwashing.

You Can Spell

You Can Spell

Dyslexia has in many cases been shown to be caused by a subconsciously learnt behavior, where the memory is accessed in a neurologically inefficient way.

Kristina Post

Kristina Post

Kristina Post
works as a teacher in maths and music in the town of Motala, Sweden, as well as being leader of choirs and being a local politician. She regards herself a creative lunatic, who rather sees possibilities than problems, regarding problems as challenges, and she harbors an unshakable faith in love as something that in the long run always will conquer evil. A trusting relationship with God is her source of energy in life.

She has published one book, Don't Play with Death, so far only in Swedish. It is the first in the series Touched by God and Monsters.

In the first book Zacharias Corell, the head of a vampyre family, reflects on God. Johanna, the teacher of his adopted children, befriends the vampyres, and unwittingly becomes their spiritual advisor. Is this playing with death?

These books are planned to be translated into English, starting in the fall of 2017.

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