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Create a passive income with your site or blog


Click on the banner here to the left to
go to our affiliate network provider Click2Sell.

Via Click2Sell you can become a "publisher", selling
other's products, for example from PsykosyntesForum,
or from a large number of other companies,
in many different product areas.

For each visitor on your site or blog, that clicks on an ad and who then buys something at that vendor, you will get a commission.
Setting up an account on Click2Sell is completely free.

PsykosyntesForum pays 25 % commission for each product purchased from us
by a visitor that linked from your blog or site to this site.

After having done the on-time work of setting up the product information,
these commissions represent a work-free income !

Go to our webshop to look at many examples of affiliate ads. Many of these link to product information pages, where we promote products from other companies.
We have selected only those products we have tested ourselves, and that we have found give good value, and that also fit our own product portfolio, in constituting a good complement to our own products.

We are continually including our own products in the Click2Sell network.
In the table below the products included to date are listed (in alphabetical order).

  1. In the first column there are links to PsykosyntesForums
    Product Descriptions.

  2. In the second column your profit after each sell you initiate is displayed. Click on this to go to a page at Click2Sell, where
    you can get your affiliate links for the products.

  3. Following the instructions given an Click2Sell, insert the links in an area in your blog or site, where you "presell" the products, i.e. tell your visitors why you think they should buy them.

  4. There are two types of links:
    - Link to product description page at PsykosyntesForum:
    - Link directly to PayPal payment page

__________________________________(Currency Converter)


Web Shop, ___a general link, earn 25% commission on all sales.

XX Euro

Basic Communication, ___ an e-course in honest communication. 12,50 Euro
Conscious Vision, __ an e-book in how to increase your presence. 0,62 Euro
CST script: Self-hypnosis, ___ A mini-course in self-hypnosis. 2,38 Euro
CST script: The Belief Buster,_Clear out negative self-images. 2,00 Euro
CST script: The Well, _______ Re-sourcing yourself. 0,62 Euro
E-book You Can Spell. _ Reprogram your dyslexia, right-handed. 1,12 Euro
E-book You Can Spell._______-"-_____________, left-handed. 1,12 Euro
Elementity, _______________ an on-line personality test. 1,12 Euro
Empower Your Inner Healing , an e-course in healing yourself. 7,50 Euro
ETT, Eliminate Time Thieves, an e-course in personal efficiency. 1,88 Euro
Get Unstuck, ______ an e-course in handling emotional blocking. 4,87 Euro
Handle Criticism, _ an e-course in handling and giving feed-back. 4,87 Euro
I, Yeshua. Awakener. ____ The gospel Jesus could have written. 2,00 Euro
My Mission, ____________a large e-course in self-actualization. 19,25 Euro
A PS Perspective on ACIM, an e-course, coaching through ACIM. 7,50 Euro
Release the Emotion, ____ an e-course in letting go of emotions. 7,50 Euro
Reprogram Your Allergy, ___ an e-course in deconditioning. 7,50 Euro
Reprogram Your Stuttering, _ an e-course for curing stuttering. 12,50 Euro
Reprogram Your Relation.___A large e-course in relating skills. 25,00 Euro
Stairway ________________ An adventure story around ACIM. 2,00 Euro
Visualization: All. __________A "chest" with all visualizations. 5,00 Euro
Visualization: Deep Space. _ See your life in a new perspective. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Author. ___ As a man, seeing one's woman. 1,12 Euro
Visualization: The Author. ___ As a woman, seeing one's man. 1,12 Euro
Visualization: The Author. ___ As a man, seeing one's man. 1,12 Euro
Visualization: The Author. ___ As a woman, seeing one's woman. 1,12 Euro
Visualization: The Boat. _____ Finding Your Inner Direction. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Chalice. ___Balancing Love and Will. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Church. ___ Preparing your Life Path. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Cocoon. ___Activating an inner transformation. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Encounter. _Meeting yourself. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Garden. ___ Creating a peaceful inner space. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Goal. _____ Meeting resistance and critique. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The House. ___ Finding inner, protected Peace. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Road. ____ Looking at Now, Then, Where to. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Temple. __ Finding a source of inner peace. 0,62 Euro
Visualization: The Water Lily. Supporting your inner growth. 0,62 Euro
__________________________________(Currency Converter)  
Self Development

In addition to using Click2Sell, which is the provider of the PsykosyntesForum affiliate program, we also sells other companies' products via the affiliate program provider
Self Development Network . You can join them as well:

Make 40-100% commission for all products on SelfDevelopment!

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top dollar for every new client you send our way.

New products are added continually.
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information about new releases.
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