* Your Elementity test

For information on the theory, click on this link: Elementity.

This test will result in your Elementity profile, and will also indicate which one or two elements that are dominantly expressed in your personality style.

The test can be done in English (this version) or in Swedish. Select language by clicking on the flags in the upper right corner of this page. After you have started the test it will not be possible to change language.

In the test, you will be asked to reflect on four different statements about how you act/react in a specific (but at this stage not named) life area/situation. You shall distribute five points over these four statements, in portion to how well you think the statements describe yourself. This may for example look like this:
Statement 1: 
Statement 2: 
Statement 3: 
Statement 4: 
This task will be repeated twenty times, for each one of twenty different life situations. You will be able to back to previous steps at any time during the test, to review and/or revise your inputs. Use the button BACK.

After completed test the test result will be displayed. You can cancel the test by pressing the button CANCEL. You will then be returned to the home page.

you can also repeat the test an unlimited number of times. This may be valuable if you want to see the differences in personlality type between your different subpersonalities, different roles in your life, or the like.
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