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The book "Always About Anxiety", by Jenny Nylén.

Jenny Nylén has since her childhood suffered from exaggerated anxiety without understanding why. 2014 she consulted a psychiatric clinic and got the diagnose GAD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She has met many with the same problem and has been able to understand and to offer empathy when they have shared their worrying and unreasonable anxiety. (Watch the video at the bottom of this page.)

Always About Anxiety is a biography with factual material that gives examples from everyday life, together with advice on how to reach a much more harmonious life. It is the hope of the author that the reader recognizing him- or herself in this shall understand that there is help available.

Jenny also wishes to point at many positive traits of the GAD person, like empathy, an analytical and imaginative mind, and creativity. In short: gifts for becoming a happier person!

Read alse the sequel Angel Feathers and Rose Quartz.

About the author:

Jenny Nylén has worked more than thirty years as a high school teacher in psychology and social studies, and as a study counsellor. She then lived in Stockholm, but now lives in the small town of Ugglarp in the south of Sweden.


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Reader feedback:


"Jenny’s book is Absolutely Astoundingly Awesome."

Birgitta Lindgren from Getinge, Sweden (in the book).


"This book describes everything so well and I feel so much
better after having read it, and I don´t feel alone any more."

Anders Andersson (in the book).

"You write so well and vividly, so I can see our encounters for my eyes again, and long for them so very much!"

Bella Bengtsson (in the book).

Watch a video on GAD from Osmosis.org :




Early this year (2017) I got an email about a book on GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). It caught my eye, as it was about a diagnose I had not heard of before, and as it was written by a layman for laymen. Jenny Nylén, the author, has suffered from GAD her entire life, and it ultimately led to burn-out and depression at the age of 55. This forced her to seek psychological (CBT) and psychiatric treatment, and thanks to this she recovered completely. From a life spending most of her energy on unrealistic and unnecessary worrying, she now enjoys a harmonious and happy life.

I found the book informative and easy to read. Jenny describes a number of typical situations where a GAD person tends to "flip out". It is written with humor and a sound self-distance.

Although there is no connection to psychosynthesis per se, I have never the less submitted this review, because I think this book can promote awareness of the existence of the diagnose GAD, which is relatively unknown, despite having been defined 1980. I believe this awareness can help those suffering from GAD without knowing it, and help them understand and forgive themselves for a behavior they probably have regarded as outright stupid. I think this book can help them realize that GAD is in fact partly a biochemical dysfunction of the brain, and that appropriate and effective treatment exists. A drug may be needed as a first relief, but psychotherapy is the main tool for long term and stable positive change.

In hindsight, thinking back on my 25 years of experience working as a psychosynthesis therapist, I think there may have been a substantial number of my clients that would have benefitted from reading "Always About Anxiety".

October 2017, Lars Gimstedt, co-translator, publisher.

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