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PSYCHOSYNTHESIS - A psychology with a soul.

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS offers tools for exploring and for finding your SELF.
(Why would you want to do that? Read on PsychosynthesisForums first page!)

When Psychosynthesis uses the word Self with a capital S, it denotes the Higher I,
the part of you that knows your deepest purpose of your life.

In order to find your Self, you may first need to get to know your self (with a small s),
and to work with your SUBPERSONALITIES. This work includes the steps
1. Awareness, 2. Acceptance, 3. Inner leadership, 4. Alignment,
5. Integration and finally 6. Psycho-synthesis.

Depending on where you are on your personal path, your self-growth work can be supported by either coaching or by psychotherapy. This site has therefore two distinct sub-sites:
Life Leadership Coaching and


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Explore these two sites and read about the different methods we use and about the many self-growth products offered in our WEB SHOP.

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Find your Passion !


Reprogram Your Relation


Heal within with visualizations

The e-course My Mission
Reprogram Your Relation

Lost your direction in life?

Doubts about the meaning of what you are doing?

he e-course MY MISSION:
Clarify and formulate your Personal Mission, as an inner compass towards your Life Goals.

The base is the belief that we are spiritual beings, and that our lives are parts of a larger scheme.

In this scheme we all have, each one of us, a Personal Path.

The e-course Reprogram Your Relation is designed for everyone wanting to develop one's relation to one's partner :

x Where the relationship is deteriorating, the course may save it from collapsing completely.

x Where the relationship is OK, the course can develop and empower it further.

x Where the relationship is good, the course can give you tools for make it even deeper.


We are influenced by our inner images, in both in positive and negative ways.

" The imagination, in the precise sense of the function of evoking and creating images, is one of the most important and spontaneously active functions of the human psyche, both in its conscious and in its unconscious aspects of level."

(Roberto Assagioli, 1965.)

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